"Two Great Tools" Excite AsAm Donors
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                        $10,000 per day Poured in for 7 Days, since
              "2 Great Tools To Fight Discrimination" was published

   Many big donors, those pledging $10,000/yr, or $1,000/yr  sent  in checks, 
doubling their annual pledged amount.  As a result,  SELF's "total donations received" has  exceeded $2,940,000 .  Click  here to  verify.  

   Note those donor names highlighted in pink.  They are the  generous 
people who have already COMPLETED their 5-year pledges,  although the
SELF campaign is NOT even 5 years old.

    In addition, generous NEW donations came in.  In the last 7 days,   it has 
totaled more than $10,500.  

         Why Are so Many so Willing to Part with Their $$$?

    Our supporters greatly appreciated the 2nd of the 2 great  tools, published 

     Granted that item [A] in " We Seek Justice ...] is some what technical, and may need a couple of  readings to reach the "Wow, now I understand!" moment.  :-)  But anyone  with a Bachelor's degree from a decent college can  understand it.  If you haven't internalized its contents yet,  you MUST
Click here to review it please.  :-) All must do our best to help in this fight for  our children's future.

   The Real Significance of the Infusion of $10,000 Per Day for 7 Days
It signifies that ANY  AsAm organization, not just 80-20 EF, which serves AsAms well, shall  be able to gain financial support from within our community.  That is great news for all AsAms orgs. and all AsAms! 

Many so called "AsAm civil rights orgs" headquartered in D.C., NYC and 
LA have consistent ly ignored discrimination against AsAm students by elite colleges.  Unfor tunately, they have relied on money  outside of our community  for their  survival.  We humbly appeal to them to consider changing their policies thereby enabling them to earn financial support from their own community.  If they respond positively, I will, and perhaps even EF will, help them raise money.  History beckons, our wandering friends!  Think how history will judge  you.

                 The F ollowing Up dated Graph Was Sent to DOJ!
    The 4 large simulated curves show the characteristics of students 
nationally who took SAT exams in 2015, broken down by race.  What is really  relevant to our concern will be the distributions of students applying 
to Harvard, broken down by race.  They are now seen as the smaller  
distributions in dotted-lines located at the base of    each  large Gaussian
distribution.   Note the peak of each small curve shifts  significantly to the high score side, since only superior students apply  to Harvard.  For that reason the one standard deviation is much narrower. However, the high-score tail of each distribution doesn't  move to the right  at all.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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