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 As our festive offering to you, here's  25% off a selection of PYC class passes. This will be a flash sale; follow the links below, which will be live from  12pm today (Friday 1st) until 12pm Sunday 3rd

Scroll on for a glimpse of workshops coming your way in 2018, and some corking gift ideas from PYC...

Warmest wishes,
The PYC team 

Skip the hectic high streets and enjoy a serene shopping experience at PYC!
Cork yoga mats from Cork Yogis are 100% natural with superb grip which actually increases as you sweat. What's more, cork is organically antibacterial, making it the ideal material for a yoga mat. 

Have a leaf through our selection of colourful, supple and super comfy leggings from a range of the hottest yogi brandsBecause no yogini can ever have too many leggings..! 

YOGI BARE: The ultimate new yoga toy! Great for strengthening the core, prepping for inversions, and soothing an aching back.

As for the less yoga-related gifts, some deliciously scented candles by Amyris, and S'well insulated flasks, ideal for both hot and cold drinks.

Now something of a London legend, gong master Leo Cosendai returns for a special final gong bath to close 2017. Come along next Saturday to discover the healing and awakening forces of Prana Kriya yoga accompanied by the hypnotic sounds of the gong.
Here's a  powerful,  deeply cleansing workshop led by Cloudia Hill to kick off 2018. Prepare to step out of your comfort zone and sweat as we go further with familiar poses, wring out wintery sluggishness, and finally connect with your inner essence in a closing meditation. 

A Yin Yoga workshop focusing on releasing the myofascia (muscles & connective tissue) of the hips and shoulders. Join Jo Arthur for two hours of slow, deep techniques to release the front & back of the hips (hip flexors & gluteals) and th e shoulder girdle.  __________________________________________________________________________________
 There are many reasons to practise headstand, as a pillar of asana practice with has proven physical and emotional benefits. Often the only barrier is our fear of going upside-down. Face your fears and find empowerment and clarity!  Caroline Pegna will help us explore headstands in a safe and supportive environment.
In a regular 60 min class there's rarely time to break down postures and look at the common mistakes we make in terms of alignment. Elodie Frati will talk us through the structural anatomy behind asana, sharing how to modify a pose for your body, advanced variations, propping and drills.
Treat your body to deep and restorative asana, and learn some invaluable yogi tools for relieving stress, on and off the mat. Calm your mind and soothe your body at  Vicky Fox's workshop: find contentment in the present and feel restored and at ease in your body. 

With the upcoming holidays stay up-to-date with the schedule for changes and covers. 

If you haven't already, click below to download the PYC app, the easiest, smoothest way to book classes, browse the schedule, and manage your PYC account.

Kitchen and Soul Power Balls

Balls of 100% natural goodness, gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free.   Hand rolled with energy rich foods such as dates, cashews, apricot and coconut, this is guaranteed  Good Mood Food!
There's even a festively spiced Christmas Ball Ball for a healthy answer to mince pies!
It's Day 7 and we're thrilled to have 48 yogis onboard! 

While this may be a challenge, it's still a yoga challenge! For those of you signed up, a  little reminder to listen to and honour your bodies. 
Balance out your Power practice with some days exclusively reserved for  some loving yin and gentle restorative classes.


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