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May 11, 2016


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Second Amendment Protected!
Ipswich & Longmeadow Take A Stand

Fellow Patriots:

Good news!  Last night the town of Ipswich sent Article 20 to committee.  The town of Longmeadow voted on their three articles and overwhelmingly defeated all three!

From LongForLiberty.org:

When we looked around the gymnasium during our votes last night it was surprising, gratifying, and inspiring to see the townspeople of Longmeadow hold up their yellow “VOTE NO” cards to crush the attack on our personal freedoms.

The right to firearms is guaranteed by our constitution, and that was shouted loud and clear.

Today we write to remind you of this important vote, if you are a Longmeadow resident please attend town meeting tonight and vote NO on Articles 29, 30, 31.  

If you live in the Longmeadow area, please attend in support, if you know someone who lives in Longmeadow, please encourage them to vote NO on these articles at town meeting!

For more information about Longmeadow please click here.


From IpswichNoOn20:

Article 20 was sent to committee

In a near unanimous vote Article 20 was sent committee for further study. The text of the approved motion is below. We will continue to monitor the activities of the committee. The IpswichNOon20 team will diligently watch for any attempts to enact any type of shooting ban in Ipswich.

Return to this site for updates on the progress of the committee.

For more information about Ipswich and Article 20 please click here.

GOAL would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to ensure that our rights were protected from these planned, egregious attacks. 

The work is not done!  Please remain vigilant, keep an eye on your town warrants, and be ready to organize, this is far from over.

Great job all.


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