30 Day Cardio Challenge 

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Week 4:  February 21-27, 2011   

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Results start when you do,

so Shut Up and Train!  

  -- Rahman "Ray" Grayson aka Mr. Shut Up and Train


 A Note from Mr. Shut Up & Train:  


This is the 4th week of the 30 Day Challenge. We are 20 days in and only have 10 to go! I know some of you have fallen off the wagon, but I'm asking and encouraging you to get back on it and end these last 10 days on a strong note!   


We're revisiting several of our workout videos this week. I know most of them were a beast the first time around, but they should be easier now since your fitness level has (hopefully) improved and increased.   


Remember, the purpose of this Challenge is to encourage YOU and the world to Get Up, Get Out, Get Active!!!


Thank you for your participation in the Challenge thus far.


-- Rahman "Ray" Grayson aka Mr. Shut Up & Train 

 Day 21 - Monday, February 21st   

 baseline assessment video

Click here for the Baseline Assessment... 


The Baseline assessment is a fitness level test that consists of:

� A 10 minute run/jog/walk

� 1 minute of push-ups

� 1 minute of sit-ups

� 1 minute of burpees

� Do as many push-ups, sit-ups and burpees that you can in 1 minute. Be sure to rest 1-2 minutes between each exercise.   


This is the 4th time that you've done this assessment. It should be easier to do at this point and you should be clocking more reps of each exercise. Chart your progress & share your fitness level improvement with us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

 Day 22 - Tuesday, February 22nd    


jump rope challenge Click here for the Jump Rope Challenge...  


Let's get the week jumpin' with the Jump Rope Challenge. Many of you complained of wobbly legs and exhaustion after completing this workout. But since you've been getting active, it should be a cinch this time around

Day 23 - Wednesday, February 23rd    

It's Nutrition Day and we want you to keep a Food Journal. Writing down and tracking what you eat helps you identify your eating habits and make healthy changes.  


food journal 


In addition to noting the things you eat, we'd like you to document the time you ate and how you felt (Example: hungry, angry, sad, rushed, overwhelmed).

MyFoodDiary.com is a great online source that tracks your calories, fat, cholesterol, protein and carbs. It also has an Exercise Log that calculates the calories you burn with workouts and daily duties like chores. They're currently offering a free 7 day trial. 

is a

 Day 24 - Thursday, February 24th   


It's Warrior Workout time again! This intense 20-minute total body, fat blasting workout is all you need to fight the war on obesity!  

 warrior workout 2

 Click here for the Warrior Workout...

 Day 25 - Friday, February 25th   


We're 5 days away from the close of the Challenge. So let's count it down with the 5,4,3,2,1 Challenge... 

 54321 pic  

Click here for the 5,4,3,2,1 Challenge...  

 Day 26 - Saturday, February 26th    



On our final Fun Fit Day, we would like you to gather your family and friends and get outdoorsy! In many parts of the country, the weather is warming up and we want you to get outside and enjoy it. Take a bike ride, hike or play a game of flag football, soccer or kick ball at the park. Whatever you do, enjoy the fresh air while getting fit with your loved ones.  


If you're in the Atlanta area, here are some suggestions of FREE outdoor workouts that you can partake in.


Be sure to share photos and details of your outdoor adventure with us via email or on Twitter & Facebook! 

 Day 27 - Sunday, February 27th    


You have completed Week 4 of the Challenge!!! This is an accomplishment that you should be proud of.  



With 3 days left in the Challenge, we want you to do like every other Sunday and use this day to rest, recover & meditate. Take time to plan your workouts and meals for next week. Remember, proper planning will have you prepared and ready to perform the final 3 challenges.

Here at AEIM Fitness, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and we promise that we will not stop until the world is a healthier place. Please continue to send your questions, comments and personal successes via email, Facebook and  Twitter.

Until next time, no more excuses, "Shut up and Train."

� A.E.I.M. Fitness Agency �