Hello you handsome happening people !


On Sunday afternoon, Febuary 16, 

we will re-visit our ThemeScene salon:

CARDIOLOGY ~ heart matters ~

a parlor favorite!


Brubeck & Bukowski, ee & Confucius, Schubert & Aristotle - - all the cats will be there!
As will the very fine & dandy ThemeScene Parlor Band:
*** Rich Eames (pno), Rob Lockart (woodwinds), Scott Breadman (perc) & Paul Cartwright (violin) ***
It runs 75-80 mins -- 

I think we're on to something, kids - 
slide on byyyyyy (w a resv of course!) 

Below is the snappy poster with all the info. 

A hale & hearty New Year to you, 

                                         love, Suze

ps = 

I'm pleased to say that these salons have recently been booked as fund-raising and special party entertainment!

Please share this invite with folks 

you think might dig what it is we might do!

Or bring 'em along ~

And I thank you! 

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