JUNE 2018 | ISSUE 102
Summertime & the Livin' is Easy

For those of you who closely follow the local real estate market, we just wanted to keep you up to date on the Real Estate Market for Gulf Front, Gulf View, and other foreclosures in our area that you can always find on our website. Click the links below to view our updated list of foreclosures. Not looking for a foreclosure? Feel free to create a customized search, or browse our site to view all properties that are currently on the market.

Romantic. Charming. Inspired. Rosemary Beach is nearly impossible to define by a single word in itself. From couples on a weekend getaway, to families on summer vacation, to architecture lovers soaking in the unique beachside town – it’s simply so many things to so many people. CNN named Rosemary Beach as one of America's most romantic small towns. Coastal Living Magazine has featured it's charming architecture. Locals are lucky enough to call it home. 

The essence of Rosemary Beach comes from the careful arrangement of its public spaces and private homes. Every home in Rosemary Beach is architecturally unique and is custom-designed and built to reflect each owner’s tastes, needs, and lifestyle. Yet, every house is an inextricable part of the fabric of the town, reinforcing its coastal character. The shapes and silhouettes at Rosemary Beach call to mind St. Augustine, the West Indies, New Orleans and Charleston. 

Neighborhoods are interconnected by a network of pedestrian lanes, footpaths, and boardwalks. Secret pathways lead to the town square, tennis courts, swimming pools and the beach. Cars are restricted to alleyways behind homes, and the town’s pedestrian scale ensures that every place within the community is easily accessible by foot. Nothing is more than a five minute walk away from the Town Square, where shops, restaurants, the town hall, and post office beckon residents to gather, work and socialize in a stress-free environment.

Of course one of our very favorite stops at Rosemary Beach is The Pearl . A place close to our hearts, not only because we were married there in January, but you’ll find the most thoughtfully prepared dishes by our favorite chef along 30A – Chef James Neale – our son! 

We love being able to be a part of this incredible community made up of such unique places as Rosemary Beach, and never take for granted that we get to call the Emerald Coast home. One of the most fulfilling aspects of assisting our clients in purchasing property here is realizing the joy it will bring to their lives as well. The only down side we hear from our clients is that most wish they had made the move earlier!

If Rosemary Beach sounds like the perfect place to you click here to view properties currently for sale there. We'd love to assist you in making the move to paradise!
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T he Harbor Life

Gentle waves lap along the shore, boats make their way back to the docks with their catch of the day, live music softly carries across the water, stunning sunsets paint the sky. There's a little something special about life along the harbor, where you’re right in the middle of it and away from it all. Oh how it's grown from its beginnings as a sleepy little fishing village. Yet, somehow the ease of the harbor remains. Time slows down and the changing tide carries away your worries. A little taste of paradise!
The gated community of East Pass Towers is uniquely located on the tip of Holiday Isle. Situated between the Destin Harbor and East Pass, owning here is the best of both worlds. This 6th floor unit has an expansive balcony and great views from nearly every room thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliders.   Click here for more info!
Perched 24' above sea level, discover this masterpiece on Destin Harbor complete with a dock and boathouse with two boat slips. Oversized windows and doors bring in natural light and incredible views. Open spaces flow naturally outdoors to the spacious covered porch, where you can watch the boats go by from sunrise to sunset. Click here for more info!
How To Manifest Anything in 8 Easy Steps:
Law Of Attraction

We truly are the masters of our own destiny. The techniques to do this are really very simple. The difficulty comes in the mental toughness required to carry them through but here are 8 simple steps to help you start seeing positive results.

Show gratitude for everything and everyone you have in your life. Gratitude is one of the things we often leave out and it is one of the most important steps in manifestation. When you show gratitude for the things you already have it opens the door for more to come through.

You need to visualize what you wish to manifest. Your thoughts and visions have a creative force behind them so it is important to envision a clear picture of what you are desiring to attract into your life. Be specific as to what you want. When you are visualizing make sure you are in the now like it has already happened. This is a very important step!

Your vibration is what sets the tone for manifestation. Like attracts like. If you are vibrating high you are emitting love, happiness, and fulfillment. We always need to be mindful of the energy we are carrying from moment to moment.

Get rid of what no longer serves you. It is difficult to manifest something new when you are hanging onto the old. We want to move into the present and leave the past behind.

When you affirm something you are actually acknowledging it to be authentic. With repeating affirmations you are setting an intention for the universe to fulfill your wish.

You want to release any fears or the thought that you cannot have what you are yearning for. Believe that you can have anything your heart desires without a doubt. It is so much easier to swim with the current rather than swimming upstream. In order to achieve this, you need stop thinking analytically and start feeling with your heart.
Ask and you shall receive. Be open to receive and make sure it is what you want. Know that you are deserving to receive. This will open the door to abundance and allow you to manifest quickly with ease.

It is time to start dreaming big. It is time for you to manifest the life you have always wanted to live. There is nothing holding you back you are a creator and this is what you came here to do.
Source: www.positive-attractions.com