Howdy Ag,

You might have seen some of the Aggie Conservatives' yellow sandwich boards around campus over the past two weeks informing students about the petition to end mandatory meal plans.  If you've visited the link on the signs to sign the petition (click here if you want to sign the petition to end mandatory meal plans), I thank you for that.

Unfortunately, two of these signs have gone missing.  As a personal favor to me, please contact me if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these signs.  Because this is so important to me, I am offering a $100 cash reward for information that leads to the recovery of one or both of the signs or the prosecution of anyone who may have stolen or destroyed my signs.

The signs went missing between Thursday evening (October 10) and Sunday afternoon (October 13).  One was located on Southside near The Commons next to Mosher Circle between Wells and Appelt (click here for map).  The other was on Northside on the sidewalk near the Sbisa Underground, Walton, and Lot 32 (click here for map).

If you have any information regarding either of these two signs, please contact me at or 409-504-4484.  If you prefer, you can also contact UPD at 979-845-2345 or (reference case # 13-1014-0006).

If both of the signs are returned to their original locations, I will suspend the investigation and no charges will be filed.

The three signs that remain are located in front of The Commons, in front of Sbisa, and near the MSC bus stops.

Please help me keep an eye on my remaining signs.  If they fall over, please pick them up.  If a sign is vandalized, destroyed, or ripped off, please contact me (and send me a picture if you can).  I would do the same for your organization's sign.

I have called all around campus to locate the two missing signs, all without much luck.  There are security cameras in the two areas that should provide more information.

I realize the locations where the two boards were stationed have two things in common:  Both locations are near Chartwells dining facilities and Residence Life dorms.  I've heard back from the ResLife administration, which does not have the boards and offered to spread the word about finding them.  I have not yet heard back from Chartwells, the private Dining Services operator, regarding my missing signs.

Respecting and watching over each other's property is not only the right thing to do, but it's also a responsibility under the Aggie Code of Honor:  "An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do."

I realize that your time is valuable, and I very much appreciate your help to locate the missing signs.  If you have any information, please contact me (409-504-4484).


Marc Pitts '13
Chairman, Texas Aggie Conservatives

P.S. I'll leave you with a BuzzFeed style story about what the Aggie Conservatives face while trying to exercise First Amendment rights on campus.

13 Instances of Hate and Discrimination Against Conservatives

1.  Vandalizing a picture of and demeaning a former president:  What a shame.




 2.  Reagan just couldn't catch a break.


But TAC will... (video soon to be released)


3.  Aggie Liberal Pastime:  Knock over conservative signs.



4.  Either that or a "bad girl."

5.  And how about this guy/girl?

6.  This state employee stole our sign THREE times.

7.  Not to be outdone, Student Activities stole and used two of our signs for nearly a year.  They claimed they thought they were theirs... But you can't miss TAC's name and contact info on the inside.

Apparently they both took our "Come and Take It" sign a little too seriously...

8.  MSNBC's Rachel Maddow did too:

Don't worry; TAC's signs are on Fox News a lot too.

9.  Do the "environmentalists" not realize that TAC's just going to print out a new sign?  Minus 7 tree hugger points.

10.  Wow, so loving, peaceful, and tolerant.

Still standing, in one piece, and not defaced:

"Sandwich boards may not be chained or locked to University property, including trees, handrails, street or lamp posts, and buildings."

Five years ago, there were three free speech boards on campus.  The administration removed them.

After the Student Senate passed a bill, the administration "replaced" the the free speech boards with "three" new ones.
But that's now gone as well...

11.  Good thing there's always Blocker.

12.  Even university departments get in on the cover up action!

TAC's signs will survive the worst of thunderstorms.

13. But they're a magnet for the nearest destructive "progressive."


Be sure to sign the petition to end mandatory meal plans.

Hopefully, something we all can appreciate.