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Thank you to our newest partner, Buoy Labs! As you already know, it takes a village, and I appreciate all of our supporting partners.

In the not too distant past, Buoy didn't exist, Edge didn't exist, and Looker was a very small startup located in the back of the Cruzio building. Fast forward to today! Check out the news from those local startups, and more.

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Top Stories 

Remembering Bennett Roesch, 12/21/19 - 9/8/17): Programmer, Juggler, Friend, and Beloved NextSpacer. Read this article and watch the video.

EDGE Card announces modifications including a 2-inch color ePaper screen composed of flexible organic materials with low power consumption and better visibility in sunlight. Read this article.

Looker announces its next generation data platform at JOIN, their annual conference for data pros. Looker 5 has dozens of new features and capabilities. Read this article.

With design expertise by Herbst Produkt, Buoy earns an honorable mention at Fast Company's 2017 Innovation by Design Awards. Read this article.

Installation is complete on a 91-mile fiber optic cable made possible by UCSC that will bring reliable, speedy broadband to underserved communities from Watsonville through the Salinas Valley to Soledad. Read this article.

Students from around the globe spent 8 weeks refining their business models. Here's the wrap-up from UCSC's Summer Entrepreneurship Academy. Read this article.

Love 'em or hate 'em, robots are here to stay so let's make them better, says UCSC psychology professor. Read this article.

Keiretsu Forum, a world-wide angel investment group with almost 3000 members in 52 chapters world wide, will present at the Monterey Startup Investment Expo in October. Read this article.

"Nothing beats the first-hand experience of getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and taking it for a test drive." Locals were able to test drive some of the most popular EVs on the market. Read this article.

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