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Our news is often about UCSC -- and this week's digest is no exception -- but there's so much amazing research being done up on the hill that locals with no other connection to campus may not be aware of. (Recent feedback from one reader is that he appreciates the news about UCSC most of all.) Find out what patent awards and research are being recognized at UCSC, and learn about a new breed of "smart" greenhouses.       
We have two articles by Steve Blum, our regional broadband pundit. One will fill you in on plans for universal broadband in Gonzales. In the other, he reports on a broadband panel at MBEP's recent conference in Monterey. We've got a photo essay from Digital NEST's 3rd birthday celebration. And, one of my personal  favorites this week is a review of some of the remarkable women in our midst who are leading the local tech scene.
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Bringing ubiquitous high speed broadband to the Monterey Bay region requires goals  set and pursued at the grass roots level, but benchmarked against a regional plan and standards. Read this article
You don't get into something to test the waters, you go into things to make waves. These Santa Cruz women are making waves. Read this article.
Here are some photos from Digital NEST's 3rd birthday celebration. The extended community turned out, and members and staff were justly proud. View the photos
"We have demonstrated that 'smart greenhouses' can capture solar energy for electricity without reducing plant growth." That's pretty exciting. Read the article
Bringing broadband service into every home has long been a goal of the City of Gonzales, population 8,500. They just took a big step in that direction. Read this article.  
A program at UCSC recognizes faculty, students, and staff for their US patent awards and groundbreaking research. Read this article.
Tumbleweed Park makes the list of 7 games that "give you an immediate hit of Just Why The Nintendo Switch Is Great." Read this article.
Cosmic weighs in on how to select the right design agency. And, they have an entire article planned to discuss why the RFP process is broken. Read this article.
Incubeach is hosting a 2-day workathon for local entrepreneurs, wantrapreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone else interested in making something awesome. Read this article.
CruzHacks, formerly HackUCSC, is an entirely student-run, non-profit collegiate hackathon, and one of the largest to be organized in California. Read this article
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