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This week, Mark Haynes, a local attorney whose law firm focuses on the procurement, management, and strategic development of patents, asks (and answers) if it make sense to invest time and money to seek patent protection when you're focused on making the startup take off. We get to hear more from Steve Blum on net neutrality. Scotts Valley's dfusion has received $1.3M to develop a new health app. Santa Cruz Works has named a new interim Executive Director. Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) has a new radio show called "Voices of the Valleys."

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Does it make sense to invest time and money to seek patent protection when you're focused on making your startup take off? Read this article.

As a modern, bank-independent, digital B2B payment processor, PayStand is part of a wave of democratizing financial technologies with the potential to lift all businesses - and not just the biggest. Read this article.

Santa Cruz Works has named a new interim Executive Director to help grow Santa Cruz's entrepreneurial ecosystem to a new level, including tech and creative arts. Read this article

The future of network neutrality is now in the hands of the CA assembly after the CA senate approved senate bill 822. Read this article
Scotts Valley's dfusion has been awarded $1.3M by NIH to build an app to help young Black men who have sex with men prevent acquiring HIV. Why? Because.... Read this article.

Welcome to Voices of the Valleys, a new radio show that will be interviewing growers, entrepreneurs, educators, and technologists who are inventing new solutions for challenges on the farm. Read this article.

Look at eight successful give-back models for social enterprises and see how different companies use the power of profit + purpose to make the world a better place. Read this article.

After the better part of two years of preparation, debate and conjecture across the technology industry, general data protection regulation (GDPR) is finally upon us. Read this article.

A new model explains what we see when a massive black hole devours a star. The breakthrough study provides a new theoretical perspective for a fast-growing research field. Read this article.

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