Competitive Edge - Monthly E-Newsletter - Volume XXXIX - II

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets"
Leonardi Da Vinci
October 2016 - In This Issue:
President's Message
James Martin
Dear Members:
I recently caught  The Wizard of Oz on television and my favorite character's scene was on.  It's when the Cowardly Lion is forced to meet the Great and Powerful Oz for the first time.  Summoned to step forward he is asked two simple questions. "And you Lion."  "Well?"  And at that the Lion faints.  There's such irony in this moment as a lion, a ferocious beast, faints at the site of a perceived powerful being.  Of course we come to find out in the end who the man behind the curtain really is.  And the Lion eventually finds his courage through his journey to save Dorothy from the Wicked Witch.
So why on earth would I open with such an anecdote?  Because all too often many of us in supply chain can't make the impression they hope to make amongst senior executives.  While we may not faint, but we miss the chance at making a favorable impression.  And like the Lion, we accomplish great things on our journey of reducing costs, standardizing procedures, ensuring contract compliance, etc.  We just don't know how to communicate effectively and often times lose the impact we can truly have.

So the opportunity to meet a powerful executive at your organization is not one to be wasted.  If they were to question you, be ready to ask yourself "am I prepared to meet my own powerful Oz?" If you are not sure then make the effort to attend our October meeting where we are featuring Julie Jansen and her presentation on Leveraging and Developing Your Executive Presence to Raise Supply Chain's Corporate Visibility.'
It will be a great opportunity to ensure you don't faint at the sight of powerful executives and you are in fact able to encapsulate your accomplishments within your organization.  I look forward to seeing you in person on the 19 th

Jim Martin
President, ISM - New York 
Vice President, Enterprise Spend Management - IT Sourcing and Contracts 
Financial Operations of the Americas / FMA
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October Member Meeting

Please join us on Wednesday, October 19th from 5:30 PM  - 8:00 PM for our first in-person member meeting of the year, and an evening of networking, light refreshments and our featured presentation:  

  "Leveraging & Developing Your Executive Presence
 to  Raise Supply Chain's Corporate Visibility"      
with Julie Jansen

Julie Jansen believes  that executive presence consists of developing a consistent view of yourself as a compelling force inside your organization.  Her presentation will address:  
  • The Eleven Keys of Leadership
  •  Developing your presentation
  • The importance of understanding respecting organizational culture can help you attain 
  • "corporate fit" and success
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About the Speaker
Julie Jansen works with talented, experienced professionals, executives and junior leaders at corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and businesses
across North America. 

A skilled executive coach, she 
underst ands the nuances of leadership, how to present yourself as a leader through confidence, communication and image and the tools, vision and instincts
one needs to be successful at managing teams and relationships.

Julie Jansen is an author,coach speaker and resume/LinkedIN profile writer who helps companies and individuals reach their greatest potential in today's chaotic workplace.  

To learn more about Julie, visit her website: and read her blog:

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Director, Professional Development
Jill Zunshine
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Last year was a great year for ISM-New York's Professional  Development Program.  Our program saw increases both in attendance and satisfaction.  We delivered 18 face-to-face seminars, with 94% of our attendees recommending our seminars.
This year, we're offering 19 seminars, including 6 new.  Based
 on feedback from you, our line-up this year includes more advanced seminars, especially in business acumen, sourcing & category management, and negotiations.  And, to top it all off, we offer our up-to-date professional development curriculum at affordable prices. 

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Jill Zunshine, CPSM

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