Angel Reach Update
Are you Interested in any of the many volunteer opportunities at Angel Reach? Please scroll to the link at the bottom of this page for a list of the latest volunteer requests! We hope to hear from you soon!

February Statistics

Transitional Living

*22 Housed clients plus 4 children

*36 Day clients served

*14 Employed Residents

* 5 GED students

* 10 college students (degrees or certificate)

*2 Driver training participants

*2 Client car purchases

*87 Counseling services

Kinship Services

*118 Shared Treasures-individuals 

*371 Food Bank-individuals

Inspire Film Festival
The Inspire Film Festival is a five day cinematic event dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films and stories that celebrate the human spirit. It is a 501(c)3 organization. Angel Reach was fortunate to be listed on the promotional materials for this event in The Woodlands recently. George and Kristi Lindahl and Paul Carrol (Efficient Wealth Management) sponsored Angel Reach for this festival. In return, Angel Reach covered two shifts with volunteers at the theatres. This was a very uplifting event, which offered inspiration and hope through movies about people and their hearts.

Resident Baptism

In February, two Angel Reach employees joined Tori Rodriquez at Declaration Church for a very important event in her life. Tori was baptized and joined the church with Julia Kronenberger and Cindy Sparacino assisting. It was a very special day for all.
Bedding Donation

Texas Torque (Team 1477) collected and donated bedding for Angel Reach clients. Texas Torque's mission is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about careers in STEM and also to develop skills in teamwork, integrity and leadership.
Skating Party

On January 13, Kinship mentors and mentees enjoyed an afternoon of skating at The Woodlands Town Center. Many thanks to Matthew Jones at the Hilton Garden Inn for the skating tickets.

Please click on the " Volunteer " image to find the most immediate needs for Angel Reach volunteers. Thanks to all volunteers for your kindness and generosity!