Year three of our county-wide
Attendance Awareness Campaign 
special holiday messaging issue!
Themes for December: 

Elementary School-
Good school attendance equals a good reader!
Key Message:   
Research shows that students who are chronically absent in Kindergarten and first grade are far less likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade.

Middle and High School-
Skipping school may sound fun, but it can have
serious consequences.
  Key Message:  
Missing school for any reason makes it difficult to keep up with your classmates and could result in fines and loss of driver's license.  
Communication Tools/Strategies:
Consider using these talking points in your interactions and communications with students and families:

This holiday season, the best gift you can give your child is a good education. And the best place to get that education is in school. Every day. On time.

Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after winter break. It's time to break that cycle.

We know that holidays are an important time for reconnecting with families far away and exposing your children to your home and language, whether you grew up in another part of the United States or a different country. The costs of plane tickets often influence when you want to travel. But keep in mind the costs to your children's education if they miss too much school.

Just a few missed days here and there, even if they're excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. This is as true in kindergarten as it is in high school. So make sure your child is in school every day, right up until vacation starts. Our teachers will be teaching, and students will be learning. But it's harder to teach and it's harder to learn when too many students are absent. If missing school is unavoidable, talk to your children's teachers in advance to create a plan for making up missed work.  But remember, a homework packet cannot make up for the interaction and leaning that goes on in the classroom.

Give your child the gift of attendance and help build a habit of attendance.


2016 Attendance Awareness  Poster Contest

Check out the January eBlast for the announcement of the Middle and High School Poster Contest WINNERS!

Poster Theme: 
"School is your first and most important job!"
Winning posters will receive $100 and artwork will appear on the tails of local transit buses around the entire county! 
Upcoming Webinars
Wednesday, December 7, 2016: 
Every Student, Every Day - 
A virtual summit on chronic absence as a measure of school quality or student success, 10:00 am.
Professional Development
Model SARB Application Training
December 16, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
77 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill
Young Mental Health First Aid Training
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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