Year three of our county-wide
Attendance Awareness Campaign 
- special holiday messaging issue!
Themes for November: 

Elementary School-
No empty chairs, we want you there!
Key Message:   
For every day of school missed, it takes three days to make up what was taught. Families should avoid extended vacations that require your children to miss school.

Middle and High School-
School only gets harder when you stay at home too much!
  Key Message:  
Sometimes it's tempting to stay home because you've got too much work or you don't understand what's going on in class. But missing a day only makes it worse.  
Communication Tools/Strategies:
All families want what is best for their children, but they don't always realize how absences can add up to academic problems. Sometimes they allow children to miss school when it's not absolutely necessary. 
  • Plan a special event for the first day after the holiday break. If possible, create a contest or find ways to recognize good attendance. If you are equipped to text parents, send a text right before school starts again to remind them of special plans. 
  • Encourage teachers to build it into their day to talk to students about the importance of showing up in the days before and after the holiday break, and to make those days extra enticing.  
Tips for school leaders around holiday messaging, created by Attendance Works. 
2016 Attendance Awareness  Poster Contest

Check out the December eBlast for the announcement of the Middle and High School Poster Contest WINNERS!

Poster Theme: 
"School is your first and most important job!"
Winning posters will receive $100 and artwork will appear on the tails of local transit buses around the entire county! 
Upcoming Webinars
Wednesday, December 7, 2016: 
Every Student, Every Day - A virtual summit on chronic absence as a measure of school quality or student success, 10:00 am.

Tips for establishing school-wide attendance incentives
School attendance is a simple, easily understood measure of student performance. One strategy for improving attendance is engaging students, parents, educators and community members in a campaign that offers positive rewards for getting to school on time.
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