"BloomNotes"  January 03, 2014

Sunday Worship Location:  3601 East Mesquite Ave., Palm Springs, 92264

Office:  400 South El Cielo Road, Ste. G, PS, CA, 92262  760-327-3802

Office Hours: Tuesday through Friday 10a -2p, and by appointment. 

Bloom's printable monthly church calendar may be found by clicking: 
Includes events, birthdays and anniversaries.  Print one for yourself.  Works great when paired with refrigerator magnets. 
Share in our community!

Please email any articles you would like included in "BloomNotes" to Linda Lang at notarylinda@hotmail.com by Wednesday at 3:00pm for publication in that week's edition. Also, the Bloom office is in need of persons who could be "on call" to substitute occasionally. The office is open from 10:00am-2:00pm Tuesday -Friday and you can call 760-327-3802 to sign up.   

This Epiphany and Communion  Sunday at 10:00am, we will welcome all who welcome all to the Demuth Community Center building, 3601 East Mesquite in Palm Springs, at the west end of Demuth Park
click here for church location map


Our Worship Leadership:


Megan Cassette will lead our opening liturgy.
Jim Nixon will read Isaiah 60:1-4.
Alan Weaver will read Matthew 2:1-8.

You may look the readings up by clicking here).    



Rev. Kev  will be our preacher and lead portions of the worship service.  


We also welcome an ensemble of "BloomPlayers" who will present the T. S. Eliot's poem, "Journey of the Magi"   

Phillip Steele, Russ Bertlow and Mike Shear.   See introduction below. 

We are thankful for the help of Bloomers and friends volunteering ushers, greeters and  after-service offering counters.

Also, we are grateful
to Jason Romine, Ron Lang and
Donna Lavick-Wesenberg for folding
and collating our Sunday bulletins
December 22, 2013
This Sunday's flowers
on our worship center, symbolic of the living Christ, are presented by Craig Dunham in honor of the New Year. 

Hospitality refreshments are graciously provided after worship by Bob and Marie Klombie. 
All are welcome to share in the hospitality gathering. 
Please see instructions below for signups for Sunday morning roles and responsibilities. Your volunteering makes things happen!
Thank you!


This Sunday's Musical Notes:

Richard Bentley
After summer travels and bicycle accident recovery, we are thrilled to welcome back Richard Bentley, piano, who will provide our service music this Sunday.

Our congregation's singing from the United Methodist Hymnal will include:

                "There's a Song in the Air"
                 "We Three Kings"
                  "Go Tell It on the Mountain"

Bloom Tube 243 for Sunday January 5 2014 Service 
Bloom Tube 243 for Sunday
January 5 2014 Service

 "Deeper into the Story"
Readings and Message for December 29 2013 Christmas Sunday 
Readings and Message for December 29 2013
Christmas Sunday
Remember:  You may visit Bloom's YouTube "BloomChannel" anytime for BloomTubes and Sunday commentaries  


Do you have BloomTube feedback, ideas and suggestions?  Please contact producer Russ at 760-832-1122. 

Or you may write to Russ at russbertlow@gmail.com


Dear Bloomers and Friends,
o come find out the joys of being a "5th Annual Spring Fling Cabaret and Silent Auction" table host!! 
First off, it's fun!

Megan Cassette invites you to find out more about helping this crucial area of annual Spring Fling success, all are cordially invited to a "kick-off" gathering at the home of John DiNapoli & Wayne Sinclair on January 10 from 5:00-7:00. 
You will learn about being a Table Host for a table for 8 or 10. 
You do not have to pay for a table yourself!  Just come and learn what's up with this year's "Dinner and a Show!"  Then invite friends and family to help you form a table.
We hope you will join us for food & drink at 2850 E. Sandia Rd in Palm Springs, CA.    Click address for map.

Everybody -- Save the Evening!!  Bloom's 5th Annual Spring Fling  Cabaret and Silent Auction theme is "Broadway in Bloom," March 14, 2014.  Check out the Web site!  HERE
  Ticket and tables are on sale now!

Congratulations Penny Sipes for getting an article placed in The Desert Sun about Bloom's Christmas gift cards donated for families in the Palm Springs Unified School District.  Here is what Penny sent in.  They did not print it exactly as written, but close enough!

Penny Sipes; Linda Harrington, secretary; James Feffer, principal,Two Bunch Palms Elementary School in  Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs & Palm Springs----Fifteen families in the most need of assistance in the Palm Springs Unified School District elementary schools were given $100 gift cards this week by Bloom in the Desert Ministries.  Each of the Desert Hot Springs elementary schools was given two $100 K Mart gift cards to be passed along to the families with the greatest need during the holiday season.  Four Palm Springs elementary schools were provided with Target gift cards.  Bloom in the Desert Ministries is a United Church of Christ congregation with an average attendance of 60 each Sunday. The congregation gives these gift cards out every December to help provide a holiday meal and gifts for elementary school aged children.  "We were so thrilled this year to be able to deliver $1,500 in gift cards to families who can make the best use of them," says Penny Sipes, Social Action and Missions Team leader at Bloom in the Desert. "It is remarkable that a church of this size does so much for those in need."




Our Nurture and Community Development Team reminds us that if you know someone in the hospital, nursing home or at home who would welcome a pastoral call or conversation, please call 760-333-1221 or 760-327-3802 for our pastoral response.


Also, please let us know who you would like to include on this Bloom community prayer list. If your prayer does not appear on the list, please call with a reminder. Also, please let us know when you would like a listing removed.


We care for everyone and do not want to miss a soul.


Prayer List:


Thanksgiving and Praise:

Ones you know personally.


Skilled Care Facility:

Brent Faulkner  

June Hart

Pat Lowrey

Ones you know personally.



Earl Perry

Bloomer Chuck Dugan's Aunt 

Ones you know personally. 


Hospice Care:

Ones you know personally.   


At Home:

Melanie Ellis 

Ryan Goodwin

Sondra Mayron

Milt Johnson 

Leinz family 

Carol and David Place 

Bob Goodwin

Stew Durrant

Jack Herzfeld

George Chavez

Magdalena Vegh

Ones you know personally.


Those in grief:  

Ones you know personally.


For various reasons not everyone or every situation is listed here. Please pray for Bloomers and friends, caregivers and those you care for, as a general matter of course.



Nominations are open for Bloom's Officers and Team Leaders.   


Bloom's Open Leadership Team authorized a nominating committee to assemble a slate for BOLT consideration.  To volunteer for a position or to nominate someone, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee by their email link: Bill Davisson, Phyllis Ramsey, Phillip Steele or Rev. Kev.  According to policy adopted in congregation meeting, nominations close at the January Open Leadership Team Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2013. Election will be at Bloom's annual meeting  on Sunday, February 9, 2014.


No "BibleBites" Bible Study next  Wednesday, on January 8 (due to Bloom's Open Leadership Team meeting that evening) OR January 15. 

Incidental Alert:  On January 15th, Rev. Kev has to be at a Palm Springs City Council 6pm meeting regarding zoning for churches/religious organizations.  Bloomers are encouraged to attend the  meeting for the public hearing portion.

Next "BibleBites" is on Wednesday, January 22

We will continue reading the story of Daniel.


Members and Friends of Bloom in the Desert Ministries...especially those of you who are just returning to Bloom for "The Season." On behalf of the Nurture and Community Development Team,  SAVE THESE DATES: February 7 & 8, 2014. 


You will need to schedule only one appointment for a brief sitting at the Bloom office so that

LifeTouch photographers can begin the process that will result in our having a pictorial directory.  We'll be able to put names and faces together as we have not had previously.


This will be a great opportunity to invite family and friends to participate and cement our relationships to the wider Coachella Valley Community.  Please direct questions regarding this event to  Carl Toland, 760-537-1295.  More updates will follow as we get into the New Year.


T.S. Eliot's poem, "Journey of the Magi," written in 1927, describes the journey of the "Wise men from the East" towards Christ and thus, symbolically, towards Christianity.  The poem focuses on the affirmation of Christ that comes from the Magi's journey towards faith through birth, death, and rebirth, a journey that parallels Eliot's own struggles with his faith.


It is also a journey of perplexity and spiritual anguish in search of "satisfactory" faith. The poem presents two journeys related through paradox: it narrates the arduous physical journey and then dramatizes the even more difficult and uncompleted spiritual one. The spiritual journey leads to the deepest perplexity and, indeed, alienation.  At the physical journey's end the spiritual perplexity remains. The Magi are caught in the middle between birth and death, moving towards the center of the Christian mystery where death is the way to birth through Christ.


Adapted from "Journeying Towards Affirmation of Faith: A Review of Criticism of T. S. Eliot's 'Journey of the Magi'" by Rena Braun, September 8, 2009. 


Have a great Sunday with Bloom in Palm Springs.  Always remember that your friends and family are welcome.  Children are always welcome in worship.

Relationship building and inviting folks to church are the #1 way we grow!

Advent/Christmas season is a fun for Bloomers and Friends... 

12/22/2013 Folding Luminaria bags in prep for Christmas Eve.

Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary 12/22 Phyllis and Joe Ramsey.

Christmas Eve 2013.

 See YOU This Sunday!


Volunteering  notes: Collaborating with others to share in providing Sunday hospitality refreshments hosting is a good way to keep it manageable and affordable -- and deepen friendships.  The occasional feast is not meant to overshadow the more regular snacks.  Do what you do and the group will appreciate all provisions)


Please sign up to sponsor future hospitality treats using the 3-ring binder near the coffee pots.  Jean Dunham (760-409-0377) and  Woody Miller  (760-321-4950) can give advice and helpful hints on how to do this graciously and economically. 


The fresh cut flowers on our Worship Center, symbolize the life of Christ, cut at the height of its beauty.  Bloomers and friends provide these flowers weekly.    Lynda Toland our Worship Team Leader (760-537-1295) and will answer questions you have about this opportunity.  You have multiple options to do this:

1) You may provide your own cut flowers from a shop or your garden (there are vases in our Demuth Center storage area for Bloomer use as needed),  

2) You may use a florist of your choice.  

3) Woody Miller (760-321-4950) will do a professional arrangement for you according to your tastes and personal budget.   Please arrive with your flowers by 9:30am on your Sunday.   

Please volunteer to be ushers, parking lot greeters, readers, offering counters and liturgists using the 3-ring binder near the coffee pots on Sunday or stop at our church office Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 2pm.  Offering counting volunteers are welcome to contact Bloom Treasurer Woody Miller at 760-321-4950


Your participation strengthens our whole church community. .  The benefits are fun and the challenge is rewarding.  Also, it's a good way to meet and make new friends.  Thank you very much.

Our United Church of Christ Wider Church Relationships and Details -- Opportunities for Experience and Growth
Go here to sign up for distribution.



United Church of Christ Web site is here.
UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns Web site is here.  

LGBT Coalition Facebook page is here. 

Feed your Spirit... 

 Sign up for Wonderful UCC Daily Devotionals here. 

They are thoughtful, delightful and brief, arriving in your email just in time to start the day right.   

Other Bloom Relationships in the Greater World:

Inland Congregations United for Change

Broadway United Methodist Church

Church Within A Church Movement

Reconciling Ministries Network


Bloom Community Covenants
Part 1:  The church covenant is:  We the members of Bloom in the Desert Ministries welcome all persons who seek to live a Christian life.  We celebrate and affirm God's eternal covenant with every living creature, including all the diverse conditions and circumstances of age, race, gender identities, marital status, physical condition, sexual orientation, ethnic background, and economic status.  We uphold one another in living out the ways and teachings of Jesus in all our comings and goings and ensure that peace, compassion, truth and justice guide our daily choices and our life's goals.  We join together in loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.
Part 2:  In our community life we will:  Be faithful in all spiritual duties essential to the Christian life; be present whenever possible at the church services; contribute according as each may be able, to the temporal prosperity and spiritual welfare of the church in support of the mission, program, and leadership; and share in the organized work of the church.
Part 3:  We affirm the importance and guiding nature of scripture, tradition, experience and reason in our personal and community lives. 
Our Vision: 
Bloom chooses to build a loving, safe, inclusive faith community that is intellectually challenging, emotionally supportive and filled with the strength, integrity and social responsibility that spirituality inspires.
Our Mission: 
Guided by teachings of Jesus Christ, Bloom is a community of believers who strive to uplift and heal one another.  We gather to worship God, witness our faith in the living of our lives and uphold one another in Christian living.  United in our diversity we are inclusive and embracing.  We agitate for God's peace and justice in our community and around the world.
Our Core Values:
We are a people of God's extravagant welcome.
We are a people of covenant.
We work toward a just and loving world through service and generosity.
We listen for the still-speaking God.
We encourage a life of inquisitive and thoughtful searching.
We are grounded by Christian faithfulness.
We celebrate the joy in life.

Also visit:


Bloom in the Desert Ministries
United Church of Christ & Reconciling Ministries Congregation
Rev. Kevin A. Johnson, pastor 
Office 760-327-3802
Cell 760-333-1221