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May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
Together We Can Reduce the Stigma that Surrounds Mental Illnesses 
Together we can raise awareness and educate the public about mental illness;  the realities of living with these conditions; and strategies for attaining mental health and wellness. 
Connect with ADAA throughout this month. We will be hosting a live online event (see below), sharing articles, webinars and blog posts by our members as well as resources and information from partner agencies. Follow us on Facebook an d Twitter - join in the conversation and share resources with others.
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ADAA Live Online Event 
Ask the Psychiatrist & Psychologist
May 16 | 1:00-2:00 pm EST

Join ADAA member experts Dr. Debra Kissen and Dr. Karen Martinez as they answer - live - questions such as "how do I know if I have an anxiety/depressive disorder" or "how do I choose between therapy and medication." Learn more and join in the conversation by subscribing to ADAA's online community.
ADAA's anonymous peer-to-peer online anxiety and depression support group is a friendly, safe and supportive place for individuals and their families to share information and experiences.
Erika's Project
Thank you Erika for sharing your project and for fundraising on behalf of ADAA. We so appreciate it! 

"I am a distinguished scholar here at the Grosse Ile middle school in Michigan. For my 7th grade year here at the middle school, I chose to research about anxiety because some of my friends have it and I wanted to try and help them out. I have only been researching about it for a few months and I already know so much about it! I have already helped my friends by making them stress balls and different gadgets to play with.They say that they are very helpful when it comes to a hard test or assignment.  Read more.

New ADAA Blog Posts

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Highlights from the 2017 ADAA Professional Conference
The ADAA 2017 Conference brought close to 1,300 clinicians and researchers from across the United States and around the world together in San Francisco last month to share, network, collaborate and learn about cutting-edge thinking in research and clinical practice.  After four days of unparalleled educational content, attendees left feeling energized, more connected to their peers and better able to integrate research, practice and community. Learn more here.
ADAA Self-Help Books Now Available in Kindl

Facing Panic: 
Self-Help for People With Panic Attacks 

Triumph Over Shyness: 
Conquering S ocial Anxiety Disorder  
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May 2017
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China's Story - Part Two...
"Becoming the Change"
When I last sat down to reflect on my journey with anxiety I was nervous, timid, and YES even a little ANXIOUS. I wanted to share my story with the "right" spin or the "right" perspective. I gave just enough details to get the point across and deflect the focus away from me and my "issues".  This is what came out.
That was 5 or 6 months ago when I put those words down on paper. The mistake I made when first sharing my story was not emphasizing how much I battle to excel every day. These are called "Stories of Triumph" and I did not express the battle I fight daily to excel in spite of my anxiety...
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