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February 2017

One of the biggest tobacco-prevention events of the year is right around the corner!  Kick Butts Day is March 15 , when young people from throughout our county will join others across the nation as they stand up and speak out against Big Tobacco. C heck out the TUPE Monthly Themes section below for more information!

Also in this month's newsletter, you'll find a new sTUPEndous Story, information about no-cost parent and teen workshops, and links to register for the upcoming Peer Programs and LGBTQ-Inclusive Classrooms trainings. 



Emily Justice
TUPE Manager 
Contra Costa County Office of Education
sTUPEndous Stories
Sharing Contra Costa TUPE Successes

This month's sTUPEndous Story comes from Riverview Middle School in Bay Point. (Mt. Diablo Unified) On January 18, their TUPE Peer Educators gave presentations on the topic of e-cigarettes in all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science classes! 

Riverview Peer Educators teaching their peers about the dangers of e-cigarettes. 

"Before the presentation, the majority of students thought e-cigarettes were harmless and that they were a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes," shared Doina Lavric, TUPE Site Coordinator.  "They were surprised to learn that e-cigarettes are actually almost as harmful and addictive as smoking because of the nicotine they both contain. Many of the students were determined to share what they'd learned with their friends." 

Great job Riverview Middle TUPE Peer Educators! 
Feeling inspired? Have a sTUPEndous Story you'd like to share? Contact us so we can help you tell it! 
Training: Peer Programs 

Description: Engaging young people as leaders and resources on their school campuses can greatly improve our existing prevention and youth development programs. Explore the nuts and bolts of quality peer programs. 

Tuesday, February 28; 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Where:  Contra Costa County Office of Education, Pleasant Hill 
Registration: $50; Fee waived for Contra Costa TUPE consortium sites (with promotional code) 
Training:  LGTBQ-Inclusive Classrooms 

Description: Increase your understanding and skills to create safer, more inclusive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) students. 

Intended Audience:  Teachers and other school staff, community-based organization staff who provide school-based programs.

When: Friday, March 3; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where:  Contra Costa County Office of Education, Pleasant Hill 
Registration: $50; Fee waived for Contra Costa TUPE consortium sites (with promotional code) 
Related article:  LGBTQ Youth Are Not Safe at School  (Atlantic) 
Parent/Teen Alcohol & Other Drug and Anger Workshops

Mt. Diablo Unified offers free workshops for parents and teens on the topics of alcohol and other drugs and teen anger. The workshops are informative and interactive, and support family communication skills. Both workshops are offered on Saturdays and open to the public. Click on a link below for more information.

Alcohol & Other Drug Workshop Flyer
Teen Anger Workshop Flyer

For more information, please contact Dee Perkins-Jones
TUPE Monthly Themes
February: Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Suggested Activities
*Sneak Peek* March:  Kick Butts!

Suggested Activities
Click here to view all the 2016-17 monthly themes and v isit our TUPE page to find all archived monthly theme resources. 
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*NEW* All Kids Are Our Kids: Post-Election Toolkit for Educators

*NEW* Surgeon General's Report on E-cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults & Website

*NEW* Tobacco Prevention Toolkit 
Modules on e-cigarettes, nicotine addiction, youth development. (Stanford)


Project ALERT marijuana supplement. Info for educators and students.

Fast Facts & Articles

February 2017 Fast Facts- Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Smoking raises your blood pressure and puts stress on your heart.  Teens who smoke show signs of heart stress and a higher resting heart rate . These are warning signs that the heart is working too hard.

Smoking makes your blood thick and sticky. The stickier your blood, the harder your heart must work to move it around your body. This puts stress on your heart. Sticky blood is also more likely to form deadly blood clots. 

Smoking increases the amount of cholesterol and unhealthy fats circulating in the blood. This can lead to fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries, the vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Fatty streaks can often be seen on the artery walls of teens who smoke. This is an early sign of heart disease. 

Source: Smokefree Teen



Fewer People See E-Cigarettes as a Safe Alternative to Smoking Tobacco 

Where Does Research on Marijuana Stand?