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With Kim Peacock
Sat 18th November
1:30 - 3:30

£25 early bird rate
for bookings made before 21st October
    What is the core? How does it support our practice and our body off the mat? Why do we use our Bandhas and what are they exactly?
    Core strength is vital for so much: back and joint health, posture, stability and balance. Our core is the foundation of all our movements. With a strong core not only do we pave the way for a safe and effective practice, we feel light and supported and our practice accelerates.
    In this workshop learn what "The Core" is (it's more than you think!) and how to use your core within a flowing sequence in a way that will keep you "Core Conscious" for good. This workshop is for you if you struggle with balances, flowing with ease between postures, experience back discomfort or simply wish to take your practice to the next level. Everyone welcome.
£25 Early Bird rate for bookings before 21st October
£30 thereafter