eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | February 5, 2015

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

Strategist Salimah Kassam shares what she sees as possible

When it comes to changing people's relationship with their money, Salimah Kassam loves things that create simplicity and allow for planning that isn't painful - such as an automated savings set-up.

With these tools, people can be automatically improving their financial health even while they're working through the deeper psychological aspects of their relationship to money.

Salimah is convinced that if more people were using these kinds of automated tools, it would be tremendously beneficial to the financial well-being of citizens across the city. Read more...

Feb. 6 gathering intended to help lead youth and community to increased sense of self awareness, cultural identity, and healing

People have experienced the healing touch of conversations that allow you to be heard and to listen to one another's stories and wisdom. Put those in the context of your particular culture, and these conversations can have an added depth of meaning.

A Feb. 6 gathering, the Fourth Annual Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative Elders Summit, offers a haven for such conversations to take place.

"We want to provide space for our community to have conversations and connect with the youth and the youth to connect with themselves," organizer Jennifer Fournier says. Read more...

In Other News

What are Cities for People?

New Scoop is dedicated to supporting Calgary to become a city that truly enables people to thrive.
So this new brief video on what it means to be a city "for people" by the Cities for People initiative really resonates with us.
Check it out:

National Co-operative News

New Scoop, as a co-op, is proud to be part of the transformative co-op story of Alberta and Canada. The national co-operative organization in Canada is called Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.

Check out this e-news from Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada for a taste of what co-ops are up to.

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