May 2015
Can I tell you something?
Jose Lopez, Vincentian Service Corps Volunteer

I recently had the opportunity to hear Fr. Greg Boyle, founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries, give a speech.  Fr. Greg shared many stories and experiences that reminded me of what I have seen at The Gubbio Project.  There was something about his stories that really touched home for me.  He mentioned that whenever a homie needed to talk to him, whether it was on the street, in his office, or over the phone, they would begin the conversation the same way: "Can I tell you something?"  And then they would go on to share whatever it was that was on their mind.  Fr. Greg joked about how sometimes a homie would ask "Can I tell you something?" and then share the most random story and they would laugh and joke about it; and then explained that other times a homie would ask "Can I tell you something?" and share a very deep and emotional story and they would cry and do some soul searching together.



Personally hearing many different stories at The Gubbio Project and listening to Fr. Greg's experience listening to other peoples stories helps me realize the importance of listening to someone.  Genuinely and intentionally listening to someone.  We all need it; I know I do.  Since moving here to San Francisco I've found that there are many times I look for someone to share stories with; some stories not so important and others that mean a lot to me.  No matter what the story is I always think of who would be willing to listen and care; actually listen and care.  To me, my parents, my mom is who I can always trust will care about what I have to say.

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Living on the streets for a week.

Our very own Jose Lopez and Ed Bowers just finished a week long street retreat!  Jose and Ed, along with 6 others, took to the streets to be in solidarity with thousands of other individuals in San Francisco.  It being a week is far from the actual experience of homelessness.  But the experience is a strong witness.  A reflection on the experience will be posted on our Vincentian in Action blog in a couple of weeks!


Responding to the Stranger at the Doorstep

The Gubbio Project presented at this workshop sponsored by the San Francisco Interfaith Council and the Mayor's Office of H.O.P.E., hosted at St. Mary's Cathedral and attended by 200 of the area's religious and civic leaders.  
Providing the concrete example of how St. Boniface opened its doors eleven years ago to the homeless men and women in the area who were seeking safety and respite, the Gubbio Project then invited those assembled to reflect on the obstacles to relationship with, and compassion for, those without homes who rest on the doorsteps of their places of worship.  We offered to go to churches and to share our experiences with interested staff and parishioners, so as to create a more welcoming and helpful environment for our unhoused brothers and sisters.  


In This Issue
In Solidarity

For the last eleven years, St. Anthony Foundation has supported The Gubbio Project in innumerable ways.  
In solidarity, when St. Boniface first opened its doors to allow people to rest on the pews, SAF staffed the church and provided the security.  Eleven years later they are still supporting our Hospitality Monitors and volunteers, providing free of charge through Client Safety Services, the daily "hands on" security that is sometimes needed in the church.    

In solidarity, we partner to create a platform for those whose voices are not being heard.  SAF brings in dozens of volunteers to the Tenderloin everyday; those volunteers are brought to our church and are oriented to our ministry.

SAF is generous in making their resources available to the Project.  The Foundation provided their interim dining room for our first Martin Sheen Fund-raiser; the Executive Director spoke in our speakers' series; they invite our staff to trainings that they host; and they share extra resources with us like blankets, scarves, and socks. 

And now, as the Gubbio Project continues to grow and thrive largely because of their support, they have provided us with much needed office space in their building across the street at 150 Golden Gate.   In an era of nonprofits getting squeezed in the housing/space crisis, this is truly an exceptional gesture.  

It would not be an overstatement to say "We could not do it without them" - Thank you for walking with us!

  Do you or someone you know work at Safeway?

If so, please contact us about the possibility of applying for a grant from the Safeway Foundation.

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