Celestial Musings - Light
YPL Posting - Gemini Edition
Lately, I've been bombarded with questions on things one might think are simple to explain, such as "What is light?" and "How did the moon get there?"  
I found I had no quick responses, so I began to muse on things I've been taking for granted and, since these musings began to connect to things of concern to all of us,   I thought I'd share them with you.
First off, light or luminosity results from the stimulation of electro-magnetic waves in the ether so that they enter the frequency of vibration or wave-length that can be captured by the sensory optics of our eyes.  It's akin to the striking of a match... Darkness ->Ignition ->Light!
Sound also results from vibrations that can be captured by the sensitivity of our ears.  And, touch, taste and smell can be described by similar sensory experiences.
The frequencies outside our normal senses, the "subsensible," are matter that can be studied through the dissection and dissolution of material substances, i.e., the photons, protons, neutrons, electrons and related, even smaller, particles. We need meters and machines to "sense" this realm, i.e., things humankind has constructed.
Frequencies beyond our mechanical sensing, the "suprasensible," are a higher order of vibration and are, perhaps, only perceived through instinct and the contemplation of material objects such as fractals.  We need intuition and meditation to "sense" this realm, i.e., things that have always been inherent within humankind.
This suprasensible realm is the study that has always interested me...the study of higher dimensions and our interrelation with them, e.g., the soul.
What is a soul and what is one's relationship to it? 
Well, the soul is a suprasensible over-being that is linked across dimensions to each of us via our minds.
Our mind is a "piece" of our soul with great power because it has been given free reign or will to experience this dimension through the use of our brains and senses, hopefully, to learn the particular lesson for which our souls have agreed to be bonded to this dimension by incarnating at this particular time.
We, therefore, have great power to work for our soul or against its intention.  Hopefully, each of us will be taught or come to realize that with great power comes great obligation and that our highest obligation is to discover and carry out our soul's intention. 
This dimension is the playground or stage on which our souls experience and act out their different ego pieces or phases to, ultimately, come to a point where they can unite for the betterment of all.
Perhaps the concept of "as above, so below" also works in reverse and the purpose of this and our souls' dimension is to set an example for the alta-dimension where the Angels live.  The point being, if we can do it, why can't they?
When there is unity within all the dimensions, then the purpose for creation may be complete.  We will all be in light.  

I wonder how long it will take.
Next month, I'll muse on the question of how the moon got there and what that might tell us about whether or not there is order in the universe.

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