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I was, recently, in a discussion regarding the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and was asked if I thought robots could, eventually, be considered "human."
Since there is, already, work on savings a person's brain after death or even if there is the possibility of saving someone's consciousness and infusing it into a robot, I said, "No," since that is putting something into a machine, just as we, now, do with computers.  It would simply mean the human was transferred into a machine and would not co-exist outside of it.   (However, that could be the future of space travel, requiring no need for food, drink or waste disposal.)
But, supposing it gets to the point where robots have the "brain" power to build other robots. What, then?  Wouldn't that require a level of consciousness?  And, if so, would that be any different than a "test tube" baby?
That conversation led me to think of the colors of connectivity. 
What, you might ask, is that?
I'll give you two examples...
At the end of the day, a healer I once knew would meditate on his clients.  His lady was a professional photographer and he told her never to photograph him while he was meditating. Perhaps, "asking" would have been better, because she did take one picture.  The photolab, subsequently, called and said there was a problem with her film negative they couldn't figure out.  

I saw a print of that photo and it showed streams of light emanating from the healer, not as a strobe effect, but each going in a different direction and each of a different color. 
The implication to me was that each stream was connected to one of the clients on whom he was meditating.
I remembered that years later, when, in an ayahuasca ceremony, my perception was heightened and I was able to see the same varied colored bands of light connecting me and everyone else to each other. What's more, I could see the bands connecting all of us to those outside the ceremony and theirs to us and those beyond the area where we were, and so on and so on.
Without getting into the meanings of the different colors, the point is that I understood  there is connectivity to all humanity.  There's a lot more than empty air between us.

  However, when I meditated on robots and their "offspring," I had the gut sensitivity to  see only shades of gray as the connective color and that is not a color I ever saw with or between any other human.
So, what does all this imply? 
To me, it implies that machines, as highly developed as we can make them or they can make themselves, can never obtain the life force or soul of a human.
Our soul is what gives us connectivity to an other or higher dimension that would never be available to a machine, no matter how sentient it might become.  There is a difference between  the brain and the mind that uses it...the mind that is in direct connection to our higher selves. 
Even if it came to the point where there were replicants, such as in Blade Runner, or the machines turned on us as in The Terminator, we would, at "worst" return to our souls' dimension and, probably, show up on some other planet where we could start over with our process of co-creation.  (Is that another answer to space travel?)
What are your thoughts?
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