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Summer Edition Just Arrived! Pick One Up at Dandelion!

Hey! You don't have to BE a vegetarian to EAT vegetarian.

$5 Dandy Deal is THURSDAY!  Scroll down for this week's pick!

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In case you missed the announcement last Friday, the cups have arrived!!!! 


It's been an overwhelmingly positive response on so many levels - folks are tickled to not just have the cups in hand, but also to discover all the cool businesses through the raffle & coupons. The businesses involved are actually patrons just like you, so with every purchase you are supporting not just the cafe, but also the person next to you in line most likely!


When you purchase the Communitea Tumbler this month, not only do you get great deals from awesome businesses in our community, you also get a raffle ticket with three wishes. You get to wish on a bundle of prizes and if you are a winner, you get to choose a prize from that bundle. 


When you are in the cafe, many of these prizes are hanging on the walls of the "Piano Room" for you to check out. Below we highlight two of the bundles... 

One Big Happy Family Bundle

So Bohemian Bundle

Other bundles include Wellness Works, Vintage Life, Peace is Possible, Oh So Edible, Mama To Be & Blushing Bride:


See you at the communitea!


Gratefully yours,


Julie Norris, Proprietor   

Talking On: Front Porch Radio

Writing In: Velocity Magazine

Blogging at: Gaia Mama & Julie Norris




Chris Blanc, Proprietor & Manager


portrait by Morgan Steele


Avocado & Mushrooms = Goodness



We've had people bring in their own avocado's so we can build this sassy dish up for them, they must have a fetish! See, we are committed to organic down at Dandy, and that means we have to wait for avocado's to come in season before we can offer this popular salad or wrap up to you. We suggest adding some fakin to the mix if you really want to get freaky. Get it while you can, we usually sell out of this pretty quickly and have to wait for another round of avocado's to arrive. As long as we have these voluptuous green fruits in stock, we'll have this special throughout summer.


We are also making up the Portobello Sandwiches (also known as the "Fun Guy"), so go ahead, flip a coin if you can't decide!  




$5 Dandy Deal: Bean There, Done That


ONE DAY ONLY: Thursday, August 11th 

 This deal is so good it can't be combined with any other offer. 

Bean There Done That with Gingerous Dressing

Bean There Done That With Gingerous Dressing

The Mix

The Bean There, Done That is one of our classic salad or wrap menu items, and the bean queen's favorite! Black and white beans mingle with bell peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, cilantro and red onion sliced. Your choice of organic dairy or vegan feta cheese.

Gingerous Vinaigrette:

This zangy dressings is our house vinaigrette and features fresh ginger and spices. This homemade vinaigrette is our most versatile and goes great on the Stir Fresh, Love Rolls, Abundant Harvest and even the Eve's Revenge. We package it to enjoy at home as well, just ask your teatender at the front counter to get you some!

Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Ginger, Olive Oil, Agave Nectar, Sea Salt, Black Pepper. Designed by Sandra Diaz.


  • Replace feta with cheddar and swap the dressing for Green Goddess with a hint of hot sauce for a southwestern flair.
  • With there was a little more crunch? Add carrot slices or broken corn chipswhen you order.

Vegan & Gluten Free