United Macedonian Diaspora
"Death to all Skopjans, extermination!"

Dear UMD Friend:


This is one of the many ugly tweets the UMD receives on a daily basis.  Another tweet the other day called Macedonians  "degenerate results of Albanian, Bulgarian and Serbian incest." 


They have made no secret of trying to crush our homeland.  They are attacking all of us, not just those in Macedonia.  From Aegean Macedonia and Europe to Australia, Canada and the U.S., the Greeks are targeting each and every Macedonian.  They cannot sleep at night because of our very existence.  No exceptions.  Just like 1912-3, in 1948, in 1991-1995, and again in 2008.  


Hellenic-fascism seeks nothing less than the annihilation of Macedonia, its history, identity, and language.  This is the real reason why the Greek government blocks Macedonia's progress at every opportunity, and why they wage an international war against all things Macedonian. 


Tactics include the "FYROM-ization" of every Macedonian be they at the Olympics, the United Nations, the European Council and even the media.  The underlying attitude goes all the way to the top.  For example, last week, the Greek Foreign Ministry commented that the Macedonian minority in Greece is based on "a fantasy..!"


Look how Macedonians marched at the Olympics Opening Ceremony in London last Friday...is this the type of dignity our forefathers fought for???

The Macedonian Diaspora has always been an essential part of the Macedonian nation.  Throughout our history, the Diaspora has been at the forefront of protecting our homeland, preserving our heritage and language, and advancing our collective rights.  


I am inviting you today to take part in that proud Macedonian Diaspora tradition, by donating to UMD, so we can continue the fight our forefathers started.  Please click HERE to donate.  Please note all of your donations in Canada and the U.S. are tax-deductible.  Canadians, please click HERE.


As a grassroots organization, we heavily rely on your donations, and every donor is important.  Whether you can afford $10, $100 or $1,000, a monthly gift, or by becoming a Macedonian Companion, every dollar counts, is deeply appreciated, and goes a long way for our fight for equal human rights.


Your patriotic donation will empower UMD to take the fight to a higher organized level.  Please give what you can today.  Thank you very much for your support!  Long Live our homeland Macedonia!  United We Can!




Metodija A. Koloski

UMD President


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