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We pulled it off! With two weeks to regroup, after TED cancelled our license, here's what people had to say about Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?, our Ex TEDx event on April 14th at the phantasmagorical Vortex Immersion Dome, in Los Angeles.


The speakers were off the charts


A truly, amazing event you produced on inspiring in every way


A milestone in transmedia live events


I could not tear myself away from it -- whatever other plans I had for the afternoon were forgotten :) It was delightful and inspiring and so, so much more.


I wish adults were required to continue going to school past 12th grade and were all required to hear info like what you presented.  


I've been to many, many seminars and I have never experienced anything like this one, with so many diverse voices moving us into this new and profound paradigm.


Your choice of speakers (each leading to the next, all great), entertainers and place could not be surpassed!  


It was wonderful to connect in and hear people talking of all the same things I feel and think about in my life. Like minded souls are hard to link with.


It's basically transcending the event that you might have held and becoming more important by far.


Watch! The first of our lightly edited three segments just went up on Vimeo:,   


Now that TED has given us a focus, we need a playing field for the bigger-than-TED issue. We're looking at that with the great blogger, Craig Weiler:, who came from Northern California to give a pre-talk before the official opening of our day. He starts the first segment of Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm? If you've never seen the beyond hilarious Katie Goodman, you will be happy you heard her song that speaks better than any of the talks to the situation we find ourselves in. Then, there's Ed Lantz, who's not only the Dome guy, creating cutting edge technological wonders all over the world, but also is a student of consciousness. Paul Cummins gave an especially important talk about who we are and what we are doing here, with Thomas Berry as his inspiration -- a non-TED occasion to hold up my favorite book, The Universe is a Green Dragon, a Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme, whom Berry mentored. Cummins talked about how we are seeing through a dangerously outdated lens, and about the rethinking of our worldview that's vital to our progress if not to our survival. Larry Dossey, MD, at whom TED raised eyebrows because he talks about non-local awareness, delivered like the superstar(and identical twin -- like my children) he is, and I wonder how TED would feel about Doug Heyes's miracle healing story that came after Larry (just found out Larry gave a glowing endorsement to Doug's forthcoming book!). We end the session with Laurel Airica & Elizabeth Agnesse, a wordsmith and an opera singer, who finished the session by leading the audience in a sing-along.


Please share our archives. After the blow of license cancellation, TED got our Livestream account cancelled -- they play hardball. That prevented people from checking out the wisdom (not) of what it had done. We had a scant two days for opening a new account (without TED in the url) and getting our Livestream audience. But, the archive lives on! Here's the raw footage of the rest of the show, Parts Two and Three, that hasn't gotten on to Vimeo yet.


Before our big day, speaker Greg Panos, a virtual reality pioneer, plugged me into the weekly Dr. Future radio show, where I talked about TED. I come in at about 51:50 for 35 minutes. I loved the chance to hear myself think about what was going on.


We showed Graham Hancock's "censored" video to cheering applause. Here's a comment of Graham's that sizes up the potentially paradigm changing cusp we are on:


The whole process of grappling with TED has been extremely painful, time-consuming and energy-draining but this is a small price to pay for the many good things that are going to come out of it. These strange events in which we are all caught up will, I think, prove to be of the greatest significance in the long run -- the first serious breach in the dam of rigid materialist thinking that has become such a major block to human progress.


Graham's skill as a journalist has come into play in chronicling the TED saga. His up to the minute report is on Facebook: "Stunning intervention in the TED controversy by 19 leading scientists."


Graham will be in L.A. the week of May 19 and we're putting something together to be Livestreamed. Details tba. If you are in L.A. and think you should be in a small, invited audience of movers, shakers, paradigm changers and master tweeters, be in touch. Also, in L.A., if you're a webmaster who likes to serve paradigm-changing enterprises, be in touch. 


And here's a sharp blogger, known as C4Chaos, to whom Craig Weiler pays homage. Read his fine TED appraisal here


I was remiss at our event in not honoring the wonderful team that brought it to you. I got Scott Balanda and Joan Hangarter, who were the core team, up on the stage, but I never did pay proper homage to Mike Austin, Loren Lewis, Madeleine Schwab, Wanda Webster, Christopher Mack, Elizabeth England, Rick Stoff, Paul Nugent  and Shari Covens, who deserve the loud cheers I'm now psychically beaming their way. 



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