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Experience Interfaith - October 23, 2012
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With so many challenges around the world relating to some religious issue or faith tradition, such as the violence in Libya and Egypt or the Wisconsin shootings at a Sikh Worship Service, we hope you'll bring your friends and join us for something positive, educational, non-political, and fun, Experience Interfaith. Our theme this year is "Peace in ACTION".  See the details below.


With a passion for UNITY,
Dr. Paul Eppinger, Executive Director of Arizona Interfaith Movement
8th Annual Experience Interfaith
Experience Interfaith 2007
Where & When
Date: Tuesday, 10/23/12
Time: 5:00PM check-in and Faith Fair / 6:00PM Dinner, Program
Location: 7th Street, Monroe, Downtown Phoenix
Event details


Experience Interfaith is a favorite of many and will be an educational experience you'll cherish.  Here are the details:
Date:  Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Check-in / Faith Fair Reception:  5:00 - 5:55 p.m..
Dinner / Program:  6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Cost:  $5 - Students / $15 - Adults (Ticket info below)
Location:  115 N. 6th Street, Phoenix 
Parking:   Street parking / Parking Garage due west of our event at 6th                 Street and Monroe.  See our website for maps, more details
Dress:  Comfortable, modest for sitting on the floor.  (Out of respect for             Sikh religious tradition, shoes will be "valet" checked for the                 meal part of the program.)

  • Exp InterFaith 2010 Langar - Starts with a Sikh Langar, which is a vegetarian meal that is prepared by several wonderful Indian Restaurants (we'll share who soon...). One of the Sikh members shared these words, "in appreciation of a heartfelt and unsolicited support from the Arizona Interfaith Movement and Community at times of need, including the recent Wisconsin tragedy, the Sikh Community graciously prepares and serves the Langar, the Free Community Kitchen, in keeping with their religious tradition." The Langar initially challenged the "cast system" in India, with everyone lined up on the floor, intending to show that all people, regardless of their status, race or gender, are all part of a global family - no one is "higher" than the other.  (Chairs available if needed.)
  • Exp Int Discussion time Small Group Discussions - Next we'll grab chairs and form small circles that will include people of different faith traditions. Then, we have moderated small group discussions, and have a great time learning together.  We will collectively arrive at a "Call to Action" to then be shared with the greater community.
Tickets - we encourage advance purchase of tickets to help for swift check-in, and to ensure your place at the event.  We expect a sell out this year!  Plus, you'll have more time to enjoy the Faith Fair & Reception!   CLICK HERE to purchase tickets on our website or mail in a check. 

Please plan to attend and share this invitation with your friends - let's come together for EXPERIENCE INTERFAITHPEACE in ACTION - to make a difference in our communities!


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