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December 13, 2010ear
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Native American
Leadership Retreat
February 24-26

Join SEJANAM for its 10th Annual Native American Leadership Retreat and experience spiritual growth and nurture in a cultural context through challenging preaching and seminars, uplifting worship and fellowship! Pastors and lay persons of Native American churches and ministries of every denomination are invited to attend. Come have faith, ministry, and walk with the Creator enriched and broadened through this significant retreat. This year's theme, Trail of Hope: Removal to Restoration, will bless and inspire us all to journey forward together to celebrate our glorious present and future as God's empowered people of hope!
Winter Retreats


December 31 - January 2: INFUSE I
Speaker: Rev. Jasmine Smothers
Band: This is Luke and RUSH OF FOOLS

January 7-9: INFUSE II
Speaker: Rev. Tim Reaves
Band: The Justin Graves Band

January 14-17: INFUSE III (MLK Weekend)
Speaker: Rev. Olu Brown
Band: Unspoken

January 28-30: INFUSE IV
Speaker: Rev. Troy Benton
Band: Among the Thirsty

February 4-6: INFUSE V
Speaker: Rev. Tiffany Knowlin
Band: Eddie Willis & The Narrow Path

February 11-13: INFUSE VI
Speaker: Rev. David Walters
Band: TIED

February 18-21: INFUSE VII (President's Weekend)
Speaker: Rev. Andy Lambert
Band: The Wayne Kerr Band

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Caring for Creation early registration January 1
One More Generation

March 31 - April 3, 2011
Participate in informative workshops, visit a sustainable community, worship and share green ideas with others at the 2011 Caring for Creation experience at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, March 31 - April 3, 2011. Special early registration ends January 1.

Over 38 guest speakers will present, including a special appearance from One More Generation (OMG) founders Carter Ries (age 9.5) and his sister Olivia Ries (age 8), as they present "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir." One More Generation is dedicated to the preservation of all endangered species by working with various agencies around the world. Their goal is to help all endangered species survive at least One More Generation...and beyond.
Lake Junaluska Ebony Youth deadline January 8
Snow at Lake Junaluska

March 18-20, 2011
Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center will host the 4th annual Ebony Youth Christian Vocation Exploration Retreat, March 18-20, 2011. African-American youth, grades 9-12, will have the opportunity to explore Christian vocations and God's call on their lives during this intentional spiritual formation weekend. Students who attend the retreat will experience fellowship with other African-American youth of their faith. They will also discover their spiritual gifts, engage in spirit-filled worship, and take part in a mentoring relationship - all while they discover, explore, and celebrate a call to ministry.

Church leaders are encouraged to share information about the conference with youth who they feel are being called into ministry or who have expressed the desire to go into ministry. The registration fee for the conference is $90 per person and those interested are asked to submit an application by January 8, 2011.

Lake Junaluska Upcoming Events
Full calendar of events can be found at
January - May
12/31 - 1/2 MYP INFUSE I
1/7 - 1/9 MYP INFUSE II
1/14 - 1/17 MYP INFUSE III - MLK Weekend
1/18 - 1/21 Cabinet Consultation
1/28 - 1/30 MYP INFUSE IV
1/28 - 2/2 Life Coach Training Program 2011
1/31 - 2/4 UM Camp and Retreat Ministries National Leaders Gathering
2/4 - 2/6 MYP INFUSE V
2/11 - 2/13 MYP INFUSE VI
2/18 - 2/21 MYP INFUSE VII - President's Weekend
2/24 - 2/26 Native American Leadership Retreat
2/28 - 3/2 Life Coach Training Program 2011
3/18 - 3/20 Confirmation Retreat 1, 2011
3/18 - 3/20 Ebony Youth Christian Vocation Exploration Retreat
3/20 - 3/25 Road Scholar: Appalachian Literature 2011
3/25 - 3/27 Confirmation Retreat 2, 2011
3/27 - 4/1 Road Scholar: Explore the Cherokee 2011
3/31 - 4/3 Caring for Creation
4/1 - 4/3 Confirmation Retreat 3, 2011
4/4 - 4/6 Life Coach Training Program 2011
4/4 - 4/6 African-American Clergy Leadership Retreat
4/8 - 4/10 Confirmation Retreat 4, 2011
4/10 - 4/15 Road Scholar: Culture of the Southern Appalachians 2011
4/22 - 4/24 Easter at Lake Junaluska
5/1 - 5/6 Road Scholar: The Life and Times of Teddy Roosevelt
5/15 - 5/18 Road Scholar: Inside Great Smoky Mnts. National Park 2011
5/16 - 5/18 Life Coach Training Program 2011
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