´╗┐Dear TXAEYC Members,

As many of us are getting our centers ready for the fun of summer programs and splash days, and as we turn on the news, it is very difficult to watch what is happening to young children and their families at our border. The images we have seen of children on television and online lately can feel haunting to say the least. When confronted with images like these, it can make an individual feel isolated and helpless, feeling alone and like they themselves can't make much of an impact on what is taking place in our own state. But trust me colleagues, you are not alone in your concern for the inhumane treatment of young children and families.

NAEYC has a statement on Families Belong Together. Read what our national organization is doing. It makes me proud that we are an affiliate of NAEYC. Check it out here

Then after you read the information, think about using NAEYC's website --   America for Early Ed to follow the Our Votes, Their Futures campaign. Use these sites to contact your representatives to let them know how you feel and what you think about this issue as well as register to vote.

You are not alone. As a professional organization - when we work together our voices will be heard.  

Travis Davis
TXAEYC President