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May 2018 
Dave Veale
What to be aware of, and  care about as leaders


When leading you often find yourself in a position of authority, so it's important to be aware of - and care about - how your actions impact your employees. This awareness helps shape the shadow you're casting and has a direct impact on employees' health, engagement and productivity.

Vision Coaching's chief learning officer and co-founder of V1 Coaching, Dr. Bill Howatt, tackles the issue of the impact leaders have on the workplace.  It's a good read.

Leaders, beware of the shadow you cast...
Dr. Bill Howatt,
Co-founder V1 Coaching

Think about a leader who is routinely moody, loud, judgmental,  aggressive, blaming and unapproachable to those who report to them, or another who says things like: "You can't trust what you're told here"; or "It really doesn't matter what we 

Consider the impact that constant negative behaviours and words have on employees'stress level and mental health. 

To put a dent into the negative impact of mental illness on a workplace, all leaders need to catch up and get involved in this conversation. 

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Victoria Clarke, Executive Director of Discover Saint John.(photo: Julia Wright)
#SaintAwesome: Invested in putting Port City on the map

From my interview with Victoria Clarke,
2017 in the Saint John Telegraph Journal.

Victoria Clarke, a self-proclaimed CFA (come from away), grew up in southern Ontario. Her parents, both New Bruswickers, gave her summers and Christmases in  Nashwaak Bridge with her beloved grandparents.

A well-known figure in the Saint John community who has developed a "love affair with the city", Victoria was a Director with the  Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation before taking the lead at  Discover Saint John (DSJ) two years ago.

I began my lively conversation with Victoria by asking her to explain the mandate and purpose of Discover Saint John...

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

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2.  How do you prepare for failure each day? Many people aren't sure how to answer this question, because it just doesn't make any sense to them. Most are more comfortable answering how they prepare for success each day. Unfortunately, many people do not. They default to a reactive approach to try to keep up with daily demands. Read more in Bill Howatt's Globe & Mail column, Prepare for failure and it will lead to success.

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