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April 1, 2011


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We call it Friday's Tips for a reason. Our tips are designed to give Mina Mar followers a leg up on the other guys or the other traders. For example, we've deliberately explained how all (not just Mina Mar client companies) OTC and Pink Sheet companies dilute. They dilute because they have no other avenues for raising money. The private placement method has been virtually closed down. Most of the other avenues are prohibitive in the small cap market, and the company is left with little or no choice but to raise money via dilution.

Friday's Tips has drawn much criticism from market makers, broker-dealers, accredited investors, day traders and almost everybody else in the industry who profits on novice shareholders. The basic unspoken agreement is to blame short sellers and everything else. They organize groups to blame lawyers, accountants, investor relations companies and everybody under the sun except the real culprit: the system which forces these companies to dilute as they have no other mechanism to raise capital. After all, if they didn't want to raise capital, they'd stay private and not enter the public market in the first place. Let's make that perfectly clear.

So what can you as a shareholder and trader do to profit from this? It's very simple. We've already explained that all small cap companies dilute. Accept that fact. Now, as you play these stocks, watch for a downward trend. Once a downward trend happens, you can make your own decision whether to sell and get a new entry point or to average down.

The company usually dilutes about 1% of its outstanding shares, and it receives its cash in tranches of $50,000 to $100,000. So when you see a two- or three-day downward cycle, or even one day or half a day (whatever your tolerance level is), you as a trader and shareholder have options. Watch for the fall in price and, now that you know that it's 1%, you can sort of guesstimate as to when this will start to retrace. We're providing you with all kinds of tools and tips (such as the scrolling task bar on www.minamargroup.com that tells you the symbols of which companies are stated for a marketing campaign, Friday's Tips, Early Alerts and other tools). With all of these tools, it's very simple to figure out when your entry and exit points should be.

And as always, we tell you to play with your head, and not over it, when playing penny stocks. In other words, don't invest money that you can't afford to lose. These are companies with very unstable share prices, but they have humongous potential for several hundred per cent gains. We're doing our part to provide you with all of the tools and tips that we can for you to make the most educated decision in your investing.

Mina Mar Group Pleased to Launch Corporate Presence Program (CPP)


CPP is specially designed to support offshore companies launching their operations in North America.

CPP allows offshore clients (primarily Indian and Chinese companies, as they form the majority of our client base) to expand from their primary business locale and extend operations into the United States and Canada. The companies are required to train new CPP staff members and provide them with standard operating procedures, goods and products to create a North American footprint. CPP will allow these companies to have sales representatives and company agents available to offer products and services to clients.

The idea behind CPP is to bring more quality companies forward and expose them to the North American market, where they can offer their products and services. Ultimately, they may choose to take the next step of entering public markets and trading as public companies. However, this doesn't mean that all the companies in CPP will become public, nor have they expressed interest in doing so.

CP (Corporate Presence) Virtual Office


Use a Mina Mar Virtual Office to project the best possible first impression to your clients. It presents a great corporate image at a fraction of the cost of running your own office.

Virtual Office benefits at a glance:

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, you can rest assured that your calls are being handled professionally to create the best possible impression for your business.


  • Dedicated local business phone number to use on your company stationery, business cards and website.
  • Call answering, screening and forwarding to your exact requirements.
  • Messages passed to you by phone, text, email or online.
  • Company voicemail to receive calls outside of office hours. We'll pass you messages the next day.
  • Professional business address to use as your own.
  • Dedicated local phone number and receptionist to answer calls.
  • Mail collection and handling.
  • Prime business address to use on company stationery, business cards and website.
  • Calls and messages handled to your exact instructions.
  • We'll forward your mail by first-class post or courier, or you can come and collect it.
  • More importantly, and the best feature, is that this program is designed for offshore companies to get a foothold in North America. You need to furnish our customer service representatives with your standard operating procedures of products and services your company is selling. We will conduct first level sales support for your company's goods and services. This is all that's required to convert your prospect into a client. Regular referral fees apply.



OTCVerify will officially launch on April 19, 2011 at www.otcverify.com.



MMG Presentation at the RICC Centre

This is the presentation that a member of the Mina Mar Group team made for the Research and Innovation Commercialization Centre of the Mississauga Board of Trade. This presentation was shown on local Rogers Television two weeks ago. Please view the presentation at http://minamargroup.com/ (in the "As seen on TV" section at the bottom right) or at www.youtube.com/user/RICCentre?feature=mhum


Mina Mar Seeking Legal Judgment Against ADVFN

There's an April 7 court date motion hearing for Investor's Hub's Matt Brown and Robert Zumbrunnen to be found in contempt of court for non-compliance of the judgment obtained by Mina Mar Group. We've received responding materials from Investor's Hub (iHub), and they're quite interesting.

No sworn affidavit was received by Brown, but Zumbrunnen's testimony indicates that Brown is still involved with iHub. This is contrary to previous sworn testimony that neither one of these two individuals are involved with iHub. What makes this more interesting is that under the criminal proceedings the U.S. government had with Brown, he's been ordered not to manipulate stocks or engage in certain activities. From the testimony we've received in the sworn statement, it appears that the U.S. court orders are being ignored and that Brown is deeply involved in iHub and in his old activities.

We intend to postpone this motion for the contempt hearing in order to cross examine both individuals on the affidavits provided, and furnish the U.S. authorities with the same. More updates will be provided shortly as we unveil further activities of iHub and its further manipulation of penny stock trading.

Mina Mar Group is going after a legal judgment against ADVFN, the parent company of iHub.

The text below summarizes the law on vicarious liability and who will be found liable as a publisher of a defamation. If you look through these four pages you'll see references to the case law which is used as precedent and we'll use as guidance. See the middle of page 75, which refers to the liability of an Internet service provider in Canada and also speaks about U.S. exemptions through the Communications Decency Act. The last paragraph of page 75 clearly describes case law which would find iHub guilty of the defamation:

"It follows that an operator of an Internet 'forum' or 'chat room' will be responsible as a publisher of defamatory material if the operator is put on notice of defamatory content and fails or neglects to remove it." Libel, by Peter Downard [www.minamargroup.net/support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=2989&nav=0]

The first paragraph on page 75 refers to cases which make a party liable if, with knowledge of the defamation, it has made a decision not to interfere. ADVFN had the power to interfere with this case but decided not to.

More details about Mina Mar's lawsuit against ADVFN can be read in the March 25 Friday's Tips.


NLPC Calls for SEC Probe of Education Short-Selling Scheme

Submitted by Ken Boehm


Ken Boehm asked the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate the activities of short sellers, including Steven Eisman, who profited from the share price collapses of companies in the for-profit education field. Evidence continues to emerge that U.S. Education Department officials cooperated in the shorts' campaign. Boehm inserts part of a letter he drafted to the SEC which asks it to do something, as the recent succession of major frauds and scandals have shaken investor confidence in the stock market and investing in general.


International Securities Fraud Ring Organizer Christopher Rad Charged in Stock Manipulation Conspiracy Using Hackers and Botnet Operators



March 22, 2011

Federal agents arrested the alleged organizer of an international securities fraud ring employing hackers, botnet operators, and e-mail spam distributors today for conspiring to artificially inflate the value of stocks through the scheme.

Christopher Rad, 42, of Cedar Park, Texas, was arrested this afternoon by FBI special agents on a federal Indictment charging him with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and transmit multiple commercial e-mail messages with fraudulent information. The defendant is scheduled for an initial appearance and bail hearing this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert L. Pitman in Austin, Texas federal court.

James Bragg, 42, of Chandler, Ariz., pleaded guilty on October 20, 2010, before U.S. District Judge Joel A. Pisano in Trenton, N.J., federal court for his role in hiring botnet operators and engaging in mass e-mail campaigns to pump up the value of stock prior to dumping shares.

According to the indictment unsealed today, other documents filed in this case, and statements made in Newark and Trenton federal court:

Rad conspired with stock promoters in a scheme to manipulate the price and volume of particular stocks, including stocks with ticker symbols RSUV and VSHE (the "Manipulated Stocks"), in order to later sell them at an artificially inflated price-a practice known as a "pump and dump" scheme. The scheme began as early as November 2007 and continued through February 2009. After conspiring with the stock promoters, Rad organized others to manipulate the stock price.

During his plea hearing, Bragg admitted that as part of his conspiracy with Rad he hired hackers and spammers, including an individual in Russia referred to in the information as "B.T." The hackers distributed computer viruses to infect computers around the world and create a virtual army of computers, or "botnet." The hackers then caused the botnets to distribute spam to promote the Manipulated Stocks. Some of the targeted victim-investors were residents of New Jersey.

In addition to relying on unsuspecting investors to buy into the spam promotions, the hackers also hacked into the brokerage accounts of third parties, liquidated the stocks in those accounts, and then used those accounts to purchase shares of the Manipulated Stocks. This created trading activity in the Manipulated Stocks and increased the volume of shares being traded, further creating an impression that the Manipulated Stocks were worth purchasing.

Rad also agreed with others to trade the Manipulated Stocks between themselves, creating the impression that the stocks were active. In some instances this was done prior to the spam campaigns so that recipients of the spam would perceive active trading in the promoted stocks.

A stock promoter who was also part of the conspiracy falsified documents submitted to attorneys in order to obtain opinion letters to secure millions of freely trading shares in those stocks. Those letters certified that trading restrictions on shares of the Manipulated Stocks could be lifted because certain conditions set forth in securities regulations were met.

The conspiracy count with which Rad was charged carries a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

U.S. Attorney Fishman credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Michael B. Ward in Newark, with the investigation leading to the charges. He also thanked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of Enforcement.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Christopher Kelly of the U.S. Attorney's Office Economic Crimes Unit and Erez Liebermann, Deputy Chief of the Economic Crimes Unit and Chief of the Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Section.

March 25: Corporate Universe, Inc. (COUV; www.corp-universe.com) management has reached agreements with previous management and is aggressively moving forward with future plans. The company has completed its management reorganization and successfully negotiated with prior management to enable it to move forward with a new focus. Agreements that will enhance the products and services that COUV offers will be finalized in the next few weeks. The company is also seeking a national sales director and sales staff to effectively market its products and services both domestically and internationally.
March 30: Evader, Inc. (EVDR; www.evadercorp.com) new CEO S. Avtar Singh Walia provided EVDR shareholders with an update and forward looking statement.

Mr. Walia said: "The Indian economy has shown remarkable improvement in the year 2010-11 and the same is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. Our performance has improved mainly on account of major road projects. The company has achieved a major breakthrough by securing a 200-foot wide, eight-lane airport road project. It has also secured two major projects for the National Highways Authority of India. For the global economy, the year 2010-11 was good compared to 2009-10. With the increasing emphasis being placed on infrastructure development in the Indian government's yearly budget, we aspire to secure several prestigious projects. We're also studying overseas markets and keenly watching developments with a view to making an entry into the world markets at an appropriate time."
March 31: Fortune Oil & Gas, Inc. (FOGC; www.fortuneoilandgascorp.com) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a mining property in British Columbia, Canada. The LOI specifies that Alta Mining will acquire SHG Claim Set, a silver, lead and zinc-bearing property located in a well-known mining district about 25 kilometers northwest of Kaslo, B.C. The entire region is known for high-grade silver and gold deposits, and numerous past and current producers are in close proximity to the property. A confidentiality clause in the LOI prevents FOGC from revealing more details about the property. The company will issue a full report immediately upon the execution of the final contract with the property owner. This step will define Fortune Oil & Gas as a prosperous junior exploration company in the global mining market.

March 28: FOGC has appointed Serge S. Acimovic as its new president and chief executive officer to take the reins of FOGC and its new Alta Mining Inc. subsidiary. FOGC announced the finalization of its merger with Alta Mining on March 25, and the company is eager to get down to business and report to its followers. The negotiation process is to the point where the company can say that the upcoming mining season (starting in May 2011) will bring a lot of exploration activities.

March 25: FOGC announced that its merger with Alta Mining Inc. has been finalized. The company expects to have a minimum of one property optioned for exploration before the 2011 season starts in May. It will continue looking at other viable mining businesses for mergers, but for now it's extremely pleased with Alta.


March 31: PTS, Inc. (PTSH; www.ptspi.com) has completed its 100-1 reverse stock split and deregistered as a reporting issuer on OTC Markets (Pink Sheets).

March 29: PTSH has filed Form 15 with the United States' Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (available for review at www.minamargroup.net/support/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=2961&nav=0%2C61).

The company also performed a 1 to 100 reverse stock split. Due to this split, OTC Markets has added the letter "D" to the PTSH stock symbol, which has now become PTSHD during the reverse split. The trading symbol should return back to PTSH within 20 days.


March 30: Safe & Secure TV Channel, Inc. (SSTC; www.safeandsecuretvchannel.com) hired Mina Mar Marketing Group (www.minamargroup.net) as the company's investor relations and marketing services provider. SSTC trades on OTC Markets (Pink Sheets) and, by recruiting Mina Mar Marketing Group, it intends to create better communication channels and update investors on company events on a timely basis. SSTC plans to generate revenues through selling advertising in media distributed to consumers in the home alarm and related industries, which is an estimated $45-billion market. SSTC anticipates filing its annual report for the 12 months ended Dec. 31, 2010 on April 14.

March 28: SSTC issued a notification of late filing for its annual report. Read the filing at www.otcmarkets.com/otciq/ajax/showFinancialReportById.pdf?id=46506.
March 30: Title Consulting Services, Inc. (TITL; www.titleconsultingservices.com) is nearing completion of its merger with Text My Market (www.textmymarket.com). TITL feels that Text My Market will complement its expanding business strategy and compete directly with GoIP Global, Inc. Text My Market has specialized in opt-in texting, but plans to introduce other types of text message marketing, including master list opt-in and text to voice. Text My Market anticipates launching this service by the end of this week if all goes well. TITL management believes that Text My Market offers great potential in the rapidly developing mobile market. The company is swiftly conducting its due diligence and expects to finalize this merger within a few days.

March 28: TITL provided guidance on its merger candidate, Text My Market, which sent approximately 98,000 messages to end users who subscribe to its clients' lists in February 2011. That number is expected to increase to around 150,000 messages in March. TITL plans to close its merger with Text My Market in from three to 10 days.

March 25: TITL introduced its new targeted merger candidate: Text My Market. The Text My Market merger will close well ahead of the previously announced smart phone application company mergers. TITL feels that Text My Market will complement its expanding business strategy and compete directly with GoIP Global (Pink Sheets: GOIG). TITL expects to have five subsidiaries once its merger blitz is complete, including Accu Title, PresentAll and Text My Market. This will fundamentally redefine the company and transform it into a conglomerate encompassing real estate and technology.
Micro Tips
Broad View Update:

The company is putting the finishing touches on a U.S.-based merger. You heard it here first, and this one could be set for a nice takeoff.

We're glad to see the price per share (PPS) holding up, meaning that the company is fortunate to have gathered a solid shareholder base that believes in the company, rather than a lineup of non-loyal day traders. Management is attending an important meeting in the U.S. and will soon update its followers on developments regarding broadening the company's market share.

We issued a Friday's Tips several months ago that said that AXXE was subject to a lawsuit. That lawsuit has transformed into a judgment, and the secured creditor is now acting on the judgment. We expect AXXE to be in preferred shareholders' hands very shortly. The preferred shareholders have advised us they have no plans to dilute this company and are looking for a suitable merger for this player.

The company has started updating its shareholders. More business news should come through shortly.  

DIBZ is on the cusp of a merger. Watch closely for this one.

EVDR issued a forward guidance CEO address, and shareholders should expect to get more updates from this solid Indian construction company.

Alta successfully merged into FOGC and management is in place. We expect the company to move extremely fast on acquiring exploration properties. It will start in Canada and possibly look at solid opportunities abroad. The exploration season starts in May, which should bring regular updates from the field. This company should retrace this week in our opinion.

Question: Does Alta Mining have any mining properties set up? If so, where are they located?

Answer: It has mining rights, not properties. We're just trying to be clear. It has rights in Ontario and B.C. so far, and watch for other news shortly.

We're awaiting the "Okay" from China before a press release can be issued. This one is ready to fly. As the situation stands now, we're talking hours, not days or weeks, for the launch of GLGT. Liftoff shortly!

This isn't a current client, but from what we hear (though it hasn't been confirmed by the company), it may be interested in some form of expansion into other fields either by acquisition or merger. We've been in discussions with the company to restart its investor relations, but they haven't yet translated into results.

By sticking to its guns, stone and platinum, the business is doing well and we expect this to continue. As with most mining stocks, this is best for long-term shareholders.  

Question: Why isn't Bermal Contracting listed with the Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce?

Answer: Not every business is listed with the chamber of commerce. This is a voluntary function. We'll bring this to the company's attention.

The company is coming back to public as a non-reporting issuer, with a 1 to 100 reverse split. The company's current PTSHD symbol will revert back to PTSH once the split is completed within approximately 20 days.

Question: PTSH filed for a Form 15 on March 29. Is the company going to be bumped down to a Pink Sheets company or is it going to cease to be publicly traded altogether?

Answer: It's not going to cease trade. See the news release of March 31 on PTSH moving forward at www.minamargroup.net/support/index.php?_m=news&_a=viewnews&newsid=700.

Question: In late January you gave a 120-day time frame of the Textraw merger completion, which would put the deadline around the end of May. Now that the Indian company has risen to be merged into SKGO before the Textraw merger can be completed, does this time frame still stand? If not, is there an estimated time of completion?

Answer: Everything seems to be on schedule for SKGO regarding the 120-day time frame. The long awaited Textraw merger and the India play may come together simultaneously. April should be an interesting month for SKGO.

This new client is embarking on a very aggressive stage in its overall goal to be the leader in digital communications for the safety, security and preparedness industries. Management is seeking out profitable synergistic companies within our space to acquire. Safe and Secure TV is also looking to hire new management figures from the homeland security sector who would bring vast knowledge, an international clientele and exposure in the fast growing and evolving industry.

The stock had a massive sell-off on Wednesday, creating a heavy downward pressure on the PPS. The sell-off comes right before the finalization of the blitz merger with Text My Market that offers mobile marketing, and we hope the price will retrace once the merger is announced. We don't expect the PPS to stay at this undervalued point and anticipate it retracing once those who believe in the company come aboard or average down.

The retracing should start immediately as the company completes one of several mergers it has planned, and the market realizes the potential positive impact they'll have on revenues and assets.

UWRL is another company fighting its demons from the past with lawsuits that are probably unenforceable. The company is addressing these, and it has several mergers in the wings which are on the cusp of completion. The company is working diligently to have these issues resolved and to restore value to its enacted price.

VCTY settled a $155,000 lawsuit and believes that there's been an over-reaction in its sell-off. The company intends to release a series of press releases on contracts and accomplishments shortly, as it's the company's sincere desire to see its share price retrace. Mina Mar Group will do everything in its power to assist as VCTY is truly a good company and its share values don't accurately reflect its true value.

ZMGD shareholders have been asking for the longest time for an update on this company. It's a company operating out of China which has remained very silent in the past as it carried on its business. If you like a company with humongous upside potential and humongous growth, ZMGD could be it. For those shareholders who've waited all this time, your train is coming in and ZMGD is about to take off. Among the several candidates in merger discussions are a social network website that's similar to Facebook. This one has some special features that will truly make it unique. ZMGD could truly be an explosive company, unlike anything seen in the past.

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