Calling all Girl Geeks!
This summer, give your girls a chance to geek out with some like-minded peers at
Areteem Institute's UCLA
Summer Camp Program!
Open to All Girls in Middle School from
12 to 14 years old

Introducing GEAC, Girls Excel Academically - Cool!, a camp just for girls who want to cultivate their interests and develop passions for STEAM subjects in a safe, friendly and supportive environment only at the UCLA Summer Camp!   


GEAC is geared towards nurturing talented girls who love math, science and literature with an array of activities taught by an all-women faculty of seasoned professionals. With guidance from women in the STEAM-related fields (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Mathematics), young women will gain the confidence to become the next generation of pioneers in the careers of their choice.  


Through expert-driven discussions and hands-on activities, the camp will give girls the space to share their core interests with like-minded peers and develop these interests into passions. Students will come away from the camp with new-found skills that will help them to excel in their school subjects, compete in various academic competitions and ultimately help prepare them for future career prospects.

Call the Areteem office at (949) 679-8989 to speak to one of our student specialists today! Find out more at!

Note: Girls are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in scholarships to attend GEAC for participating and/or winning awards in any  Math, Science or Arts-related academic competition!

These may include: Math and Science Olympiads, Spelling Bees, MathCounts, Science Fairs, Essay Competitions, Model UN, Speech & Debate and Theater groups.

UCLA Summer Camp Program
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GEAC Camp Director -  Ms. Kelly Ren


Ms. Kelly Ren is a highly accomplished professional with real-world experience in the STEM fields. After earning her Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Ms. Ren worked for Fortune-500 companies at engineering and management capacities including her stint as a design engineer at IBM.  


Her passion for education led her to co-found and become the Program Director of Areteem Institute, giving many students the opportunity to explore their interests through blended learning courses and camp programs. Recently, she has been a Chair of the Judging Panel and judge for multiple science competitions, including the 2015 LA County & 2015 California State Science and Engineering Fairs.