Gaining A Higher Perspective
YPL Posting - Aries/Equinox Issue
In theater, a play doesn't take place on the stage, but in the space between the actors and the audience.  It's the strength of the engagement of both that makes for a good or bad show.
In science, it has been proven the observance by the researcher changes the object or phenomenon being observed.
In life, we are both the actor and the audience, the observer and the observed, subjected to a confluence of positive and negative energies, the latter most often coming from a variety of sources, including the environment, our own and the karma of family members or others around us, social and political events, and much more.
The only way to defeat these negative aspects is to rise above them by elevating the level of our consciousness.
That is one of the objectives of the Negativity Clearing through which I take my clients  
I liken this aspect of the process to putting them behind the one-way window overlooking an interrogation room as you may have seen in police films.  It allows one to view the negative actions of others and the world more dispassionately while keeping focus on one's positive attributes and purpose.
By gaining a higher perspective, one can, eventually, reach the point of being able to look in a mirror and, truthfully, say, "I love you, Me."

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