International Guest Faculty: Charles Koroneho leads Muscle & Bone / MB Rakau classes and KDT's inaugural Choreographic Lab.
 Kaha:wi Dance Theatre's Choreographic Lab

Facilitated by Charles Koroneho

Welcome to the launch of the inaugural ADT Choreographic Lab 2012!


We encourage you to apply to our groundbreaking exploration of indigenous creativity, choreography and performance practices.


Drawing on his work with the visionary performance platform Te Toki Haruru, International Maori Artist Charles Koroneho will facilitate the Choreographic Lab and share his experience in indigenous choreography, direction and performance devising.

Participants will experience a daily body practice consisting of specific exercises, improvisation and performance theory from Dance, Body Weather and Performance Art. Drawing together these distinct influences the Choreographic Lab will explore indigenous choreography and performance devising by utilizing the concept of the Wakahuia.



Photography by Nadya Kwandibens


Highly prized and admired for their artistic beauty by the indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Wakahuia are elaborately carved wooden vessels for the storage and protection of precious objects. Our Wakahuia will be re-contextualized as 'a performance treasure box'; a living archive and vehicle for new creation, research, and critique.  




New discoveries await the 'performance treasure box', from it may emerge future performance projects, new language, and a courageous artistic vision.


If you promote the dancing/performance/cultural body in your work and are an

  • experienced or emerging choreographer/dancer
  • theatre director/actor
  • performance/collaborative/visual artist
  • dance and performance studies researcher

We welcome your application to the
ADT Choreographic Lab 2012!


TO APPLY: Complete the following steps to be eligible for selection


  1. Vision Statement: Submit a brief statement about your cultural, artistic or academic practice; including why you want to participate in the Choreographic Lab and what outcomes would you like to achieve (300 words max).
  2. CV/BIO:Along with your vision statement, submit a brief resume of your dance training or performance background and project experience.
  3. Works: Include links (website or online publishing) to your choreographic/performance/art work or research.
  4. Register online: submit your information and payment HERE

 Submit your documents to:


Further information on Charles Koroneho  HERE 


MB -  Muscle & Bone / Mind & Body

Photography by Nadya Kwandibens
A highly skilled and generous teacher Charles is a practitioner of the Body Weather Laboratory practice. Body Weather is a research forum founded in 1978 by Min Tanaka, a demanding and thorough re-examination of the body and movement is the main theme in all aspects of the training.  It includes: Muscle & Bone / Mind & Body, Manipulations and Image-work. 

In his Muscle & Bone classes Charles incorporates his unique MB: Rakau. Charles uses the principles of Muscle & Bone and MB Rakau a traditional Maori dance and marital arts form using sticks. See MB Rakau in practice tutorials HERE!! 

Photography by Nadya Kwandibens

harles teaching style encourages dancers to work at the precipice of their practice... it's edgy, challenging, and fast- paced. Learn how to confront and maintain your dancing body through self-awareness, sensitivity, and monitoring.