Going Against The Wind
YPL Posting - Pisces Edition
In this posting, I want to have some fun by deconstructing a few notions and rephrasing some popular sayings.
For instance, conventional wisdom says to always keep the wind at your back.  In fact, a popular drinking toast offers that as a wish for the recipient.
However, the direction from which the wind blows is a challenge that, most often, provides the greatest rewards.  It is the source of a power that attempts to keep all but the most intrepid seekers away.  So...  Accept challenges.  Be intrepid.
And, here's a thought to help you along...
Doing the same thing over and over
and thinking something will change
is not the definition of insanity.
It is the definition of training.
And, with enough training,
one can become a champion.
Without training, one has nothing.
The only insanity, then,
is in having no faith in one's self.
If you're feeling a lack of faith in yourself, try looking at things in a more positive light, by accepting that...
All bad things must come to an end.
Finally, remember that words are the things they mean.  They are vibrational tones or sounds that intone the meaning of an emotional feeling or state of being. 
But, sometimes, we confuse the state of being or feeling for which we seek with the wrong word.  For example, what some term "happiness" is really happeningness, i.e., it is dependent  on happenings or events and is, therefore, transient or limited. 
My personal desire is finding bliss...contentedness...liberatedness...unlimitedness.   
What's yours?  

To achieve it, are you willing to go against the wind?

If you need a push, let me know.
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