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Happening in Harrisburg
Issue No. 9
August 1, 2011

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Pharr Mill (Above) A look down one of Pharr Mill Road Park's walking trails. Visit the Town of Harrisburg's Facebook page, www.facebook.com/harrisburgnc, for more images of the park later this week.

Email your Harrisburg photos to Melinda Skutnick, mskutnick@harrisburgnc.org. At least one picture from all submissions will be featured here each month.
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Done before Daybreak
Sharing Wellness
Town Clerk Tidbits
Happy Birthday, Harrisburg!
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Another round of applause for our 2011 Parade Winners!
From the Town Administrator's Desk
P&Z: Planning and Zoning
Fun for All Seasons: Parks & Recreation
Service with a Smile: Customer Service
Done before Daybreak

Public Works department works before and after hours to maximize customer service

As residents throughout Town slept during the early morning hours of July 23, five of Harrisburg's Public Works employees were hard at work, completing a fire hydrant valve installation while minimizing water service interruption to nearby residents and businesses.

Assistant Public Works Director Joe Carter, a water supervisor and three employees were on site from 2:30 to 6 a.m. to complete the scheduled project. Water service was disrupted to several School Circle homes and a variety of businesses in School House Commons, said Carter, noting that the department often conducts work in commercial areas "after hours so it won't interfere with (business) operations."

Carter said many businesses -- such as restaurants, grocery stores and daycares -- must maintain water service during operating hours due to health guidelines. "That's why we do (work) at that time of the night," he added.

For residents, Carter said, "We try to make it convenient for the people getting up the next morning. The water's off and back on, they don't even miss the water ... We do it as a courtesy for the customer. It's not a good feeling waking up in the morning to get ready for work or church and you have no water."

He added, referring to the July 23 project, "People didn't realize they didn't have water for three to four hours while they were asleep."

Carter said the Public Works department schedules many major projects -- both water and sewer -- during early morning hours. Planning begins approximately one week beforehand, including the assembly of necessary items. Carter noted the advanced preparation "makes the job go easier and faster."

"We try to look at it from the customer's side," said Carter. "The Public Works department, we thrive on customer service. We try to give the best possible water and keep the sewer flowing from their homes. I'm really proud of the boys that come out with me."

Would you like to learn more about the Town of Harrisburg's Public Works department? Visit http://tinyurl.com/3uvefbt.
Sharing Wellness


Beginning in February, the Town of Harrisburg's Wellness Committee -- a group of staffers dedicated to motivating and encouraging wellness among all town employees -- began sharing a "Wellness Tip" for residents via this newsletter. If you have specific questions for the Wellness Committee that you would like addressed in the future, please let us know.


Crystal Bost, Chairman of the Harrisburg Wellness Program



Back to school time is upon us! Are you packing a healthy lunch for your child? This year, make your child's lunchbox an important part of giving them the best nutrition possible.


A healthy lunchbox should include:

  • Two portions of fruits and vegetables
  • One portion protein
  • One portion grains (bread, cereal, rice, pasta, tortillas)
  • One low-fat dairy product
Source: thebeehive.com
Town Clerk Tidbits
Janet Rackley, Town Clerk

The Town of Harrisburg's Wellness Committee has been focusing on the health and wellness of Town employees in the last year. We've challenged employees to do things that improve their overall health, and who doesn't love a good challenge? We've seen some impressive results so far! Now we want to expand that focus to our community as well. In October of this year, the Town will be hosting a Health Fair at Town Hall in the Muncipal Complex. It is in the planning stage at this time, but look for more information soon. We are excited to have this opportunity to be of service to our citizens!


Also, just a reminder to local businesses: Privilege License fees were due on June 30. If you haven't paid yours yet, please do so quickly. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact Janet Rackley at 704-455-5614.

Happy Birthday, Harrisburg!

August 3
Hannah Witherspoon -- age 8

August 6
Jack Mitchell -- age 10

August 12
Councilman Jeff Phillips -- age 50

August 14

Courtney Locklear -- age 18

August 15
Joshua Suggs -- age 9

August 17
Rhet Hoyt -- age 1

August 21
Jenny Franklin

August 26
Jack Bowden -- age 6

Care to wish someone special in the community a "happy birthday"? Want to see your own celebration day listed? Email those birthday notices to Melinda Skutnick, mskutnick@harrisburgnc.org, for publication in future issues.

Harrisburg Town Hall
4100 Main Street
P.O. Box 100
Harrisburg, NC 28075

Parks & Recreation
4088 Stallings Road
Harrisburg, NC 28075
704-455-PARK (7275)

Harrisburg Fire Department

Public Works Department

Water and Sewer Emergency
Normal business hours: 704-455-5614
After hours: 704-784-6029

Town Engineer
Derek Slocum
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Calendar of Events

Aug. 1 -- 4-7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Farmers Market @ 6960 Robinson Church Road
Aug. 8 -- 4-7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Farmers Market @ 6960 Robinson Church Road
Aug. 8 -- 7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Town Council meeting @ Town Hall
Aug. 15 -- 4-7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Farmers Market @ 6960 Robinson Church Road
Aug. 16 -- 7 p.m. -- Planning and Zoning Board meeting @ Town Hall
Aug. 22 -- 4-7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Farmers Market @ 6960 Robinson Church Road
Aug. 22 -- 7 p.m. -- Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting @ Town Hall
Aug. 29 -- 4-7 p.m. -- Harrisburg Farmers Market @ 6960 Robinson Church Road
Harrisburg Town Council
Town Council
Another round of applause
for our 2011 Parade Winners!
Drumroll please...

With 110 parade participants in total and thousands of spectators lining Hwy 49, this year's march through Harrisburg was certainly a highlight of the 14th Annual 4th of July Celebration.

The Town would like to thank each business, organization, family and individual who participated in this year's parade. We also extend our appreciation to everyone who donned their red, white and blue on the morning of July 2 to celebrate Independence Day with us as we have for more than a decade here in Harrisburg!

The winners of the 2011 Harrisburg Parade were first announced on July 7 at HarrisburgNC.org. However, the Town would like to take to recognize each float once again. The 4th of July Parade winners, in each respective category, are:

Most Patriotic:

1st -- Make Over My Yard

Make Over My Yard


2nd -- Humane Society of Concord

Human Society


3rd -- American Legion Auxiliary #523

American Legion Aux  


 Most Original: 


1st -- Mt. Hermon Lutheran Church

Mt Hermon


2nd -- Speedway Flowers & Gifts

Speedway Flowers


3rd -- Granny Mac's Bake Shop

Granny Mac's


 Best Tractor: 


1st -- Lana DeWitte

Lana DeWitte


2nd -- DeWitte Family

DeWitte family


Best Decorated Lawn Tractor: 


1st -- Cody's Crew

Cody's Crew


Best Equestrian:


1st -- Double Horse Shoe Cowboy Church

Double Horse Shoe


2nd -- Diamond B Saddle Club

Diamond B Saddle Club   

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Looking for more images from this year's 4th of July Celebration? Nearly 600 images have been uploaded to our Town website for your perusal. Visit www.harrisburgnc.org/AboutHarrisburg/EventPhotos.aspx and check out a variety of photos from the weekend's festivities.  

From the Town Administrator's Desk
Michele Reapsmith, Town AdministratorReapsmith

The Town Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Council chambers. These meetings are open to the general public. All residents and interested parties are highly encouraged to attend each meeting to acquire pertinent information pertaining to the stated agenda items. All approved minutes and agendas are posted to the website.


P&Z: Planning and Zoning
Joshua Watkins, Planning Director



A common question that comes to our office regards the keeping of livestock such as chickens, goats, horses, etc. The Town of Harrisburg does allow for the keeping of livestock, but only under certain conditions. For instance, any person wanting to keep livestock on their residential lot must have at least two (2) acres of land. Furthermore, all buildings or structures related to the keeping of livestock must be setback a minimum of 150 feet from any dwelling unit, either yours or your neighbors. Last of all, no more than one animal shall be kept, maintained, or stabled per six thousand (6,000) square feet of land. If all of these conditions can be met, residents may be allowed to keep livestock.


The most common issue that we have in the Town of Harrisburg is that residents will have chickens in their backyard. Chickens are also regulated under this specific ordinance, just like horses, cows, goats, etc. If you are interested in keeping livestock within the Town, please feel free to contact our office, and we will be glad to help. You can reach me at 704-455-5614 or at jwatkins@harrisburgnc.org.

Fun for All Seasons: Parks & Recreation
Shawn Marble, Parks and Recreation Deputy Director


HerbertPaul Herbert came to Harrisburg by way of his hometown, Charlotte, as a parks and recreation professional with more than 20 years' experience in Mecklenburg County. His additional arts development and arts education experience in the non-profit sector offers Harrisburg an opportunity to broaden its base of cultural arts offerings. "Harrisburg is a wonderful Town and the opportunity to build upon the great work already in place and fulfill the community needs for parks, greenways and diverse recreation activities is a terrific opportunity!"


Harrisburg has a fresh new vision and energy to develop its parks and recreation master plan. That plan calls for new parks and recreation opportunities for a growing community. It cannot be realized without citizen participation as volunteers. Each month, the all-volunteer Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, meets to discuss ways to improve Harrisburg recreation offerings. Citizens are welcome to attend and share comments, concerns or ways to improve our parks, greenways or recreation programs. Click this link for directions and times. It is easy to participate in our short survey if you cannot attend the meeting and sign up for the Town newsletter. Either way, we value your feedback to let us know how we are doing and to get your ideas for future recreation facilities or activities.


Tennis for ALL Ages!


You may wonder as you drive by the tennis courts at Stallings Road Park, "What's going on?" You may see youth or adults playing tennis, increasing their skills, getting exercise and having fun! The gentleman you see standing with these participants is Neil Seufert. Neil is our local tennis instructor. He has been instructing tennis programs with the Town of Harrisburg for the previous three years. Neil is originally from Evanston, IL, just outside of Chicago, and home to Northwestern University. He came to the Parks and Recreation department three years ago after the construction of the tennis courts at Stallings Road Park with a passion and desire to bring the game of tennis to Harrisburg residents. Since then, tennis participants have benefited from the growing number of classes offered. Seufert says his goal is to "create more interest in tennis so both children and adults can learn to play and enjoy the game. It's a great social activity and has health benefits, too. My goals are to help my players improve skills and build confidence both on and off the court. I also make sure we have fun." Neil sees tennis as a fun game that one can play as a child into adulthood. It's a game that not only utilizes strategy and gets a player moving, it challenges the player mentally and physically. "I love that there are multiple layers to the games," Seufert says. Neil has ten years of experience coaching both children and adults and has attended both the Bollettieri and Van Der Meer tennis academies. He enjoys spending time with his family and trying to keep up with his 18-month old son. For a full listing of Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Tennis Programs please visit www.harrisburgnc.org.




Boone Linker Awarded the Mitch Upton Safety Award


The Parks and Recreation Department is proud to announce Mr. Thomas "Boone" Linker as the recipient of this year's Town of Harrisburg Mitch Upton Safety Award. This award is presented annually to an employee who exhibits exceptional commitment to the safety of citizens, coworkers, and themselves. The award is dedicated to the late Mitch Upton, a town employee whose commitment to workplace safety set the benchmark by which all past and future recipients of the award are compared. Nominated by Park Supervisor Dale Freeman, Boone was selected by the Town's Safety Steering Committee. Boone sets an example to his fellow coworkers and citizens by adhering to proper safety procedures and the Parks and Recreation Department is proud of his recognition.






Kevin Harbeson, Athletic Coordinator, has had the opportunity to get to know many wonderful residents since coming to the Town in June. He has spoken to players, coaches, spectators and parents who all share a common interest ... providing the best athletic opportunities for the citizens of Harrisburg. "I am excited to be a part of a community that not only embraces, but encourages a healthy athletic program."  


It is important to discuss some of the subtle differences in our youth programs, such as age division in youth sports. While everyone understands the need for different age divisions due to weight, height and maturity levels associated with youth sports, they are the building blocks for many other sports. Below are the guiding principles used to shape our age divisions.


  • 3-4 "Pee Wee" Instructional Division
    This division is designed to introduce players to organized sports.  Rules are simplified, team rosters are reduced, and the playing season is compacted to allow maximum exposure in a limited time frame.
  • 5-6 Division

    This division begins developing fundamentals for each specific sport.  Rules are modified to present the optimum playing experience for novice/entry level participants.
  • 7-8 Division

    This division continues developing fundamentals for each specific sport.  Rules are modified to present the optimum playing experience for novice participants.

  • 9-10 Division
    This division builds on basic fundamentals of given sport. Rules are slightly modified to present optimum playing experience for participants with limited exposure.
  • 11-12 and 13-15 Divisions

    These divisions are designed to promote teamwork, sportsmanship and advance fundamental development. No rule modifications.   


As a player grows and moves through the age divisions, his/her skills and understanding of the game is improved and encouraged. While all players of all skills and experience are welcomed into any age division, the players that enter the Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Athletic Leagues at the earliest stages and continue through our leagues will benefit the most.



Service with a Smile: Customer Service
Lori Barnhardt, Office Manager


Effective immediately in the Town of Harrisburg, electronic waste, such as televisions and computer monitors, will no longer be collected with bulk item trash.

Per new state legislation, it is now illegal to dump electronic waste into any landfills across the state of North Carolina. The laws, statutes 130A-309.10 and 130A-309.131, went into effect July 1, 2011. State officials approved the statewide ban in the hopes of reducing electronic waste toxic chemicals from contaminating groundwater surrounding landfill sites.

Residents will now have to recycle these banned items at approved locations. In Cabarrus County, Harrisburg residents have two local options.

The Cabarrus County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, 246 General Services Drive in Concord, will accept electronic waste materials free-of-charge on the first Wednesday of each month, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the third Saturday of the month, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Cabarrus County Construction and Demolition Landfill, 4441 Irish Potato Road in Concord, will recycle electronic waste for a fee Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Televisions under 20-inches and computer monitors are $5 each for disposal. Televisions 21 inches and larger are $10 each for disposal.


Please continue to call the Town of Harrisburg Customer Service Department, 704-455-5614, to schedule your bulk item pick-ups. Bulk items must be scheduled prior to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays of each week for a Wednesday pick-up that particular week.

For additional information about which items are prohibited according to the law, please contact the Town of Harrisburg Customer Service Department Monday though Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 704-455-5614.