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Earthly Incarnation
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Everyone --- every soul --- incarnates on this earth plane because they belong to a certain level of consciousness or awareness, except for a very few souls who are in a higher state of awareness. These few higher souls are here to raise those souls' awarenesses that are ready to be raised. The readiness is not brought about by any religion or spiritual teacher --- but from God's Presence within a soul that knows a soul is now aware sufficiently to awaken to more of Reality.

The vast majority of souls who are not awakened are drawn to incarnate on this earth plane of existence. This earth plane is a plane of contrasts --- day or night, heat or cold, love or loneliness, health or illness, wealth or poverty, pleasure or pain, war or peace, etc. The vast majority of souls incarnate into the earth plane of contrasts and contradictions because their state of consciousness or soul state is filled with contrasts or contradictions.

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