April  2018


My new year's resolution was one of growth. I decided 2018 was the year to add to my knowledge base and become more enlightened. First goal: EDAC Certification. Why EDAC and why now? Over the past number of years I felt that our client work was more important than spending time preparing for the EDAC exam. I floated year-to-year thinking I would soon find time to set aside for studying but of course, that never happened. Not until I gave myself a goal, made it a priority and planned accordingly did time avail itself. Lessons learned: if it is important, make the time; no one will make it for you.
What does it mean to be EDAC certified in healthcare art world? Personally, being EDAC certified, I am now better equipped to:
  • Lead the DAS team into the future of healthcare design
  • Serve our clients due to knowledge gained in EDAC certification process - from sharing past research studies to helping them locate and apply relevant research.
Professionally, I am now a recognizable part of a larger interdisciplinary design team. We share a common language and common goals, allowing us to work together to create evidence-based healthcare solutions that affect the quality of our own future care.  If you know me well, you know I'm interested in contributing to and improving the healthcare industry. As a result of my new knowledge gained through EDAC certification here are some things DAS will now engage in a bit differently:
  • Vocabulary Change:  DAS has spent the last 15 years practicing many of the 8 EBD steps. While in the past our process terminology was unique to our company, moving forward we will use common EBD terms to identify process stages.
  • Share and Connect: Studying for the EDAC exam made me aware of how much research is available and how much more is needed. I am dedicated to sharing EBD information and connecting our clients to relevant information, so they can make the best-informed decisions.
  • Identify / Incorporate EBD Steps in DAS Process: Moving forward, DAS project case studies will identify EBD steps involved in project process while incorporating EBD language when describing  project goals, challenges and art solutions.
If you've been considering EDAC certification - or possibly putting it off waiting for the right time - I encourage you to set the date, prepare adequately and become a part of this collaborative group of professionals. Together we are using evidence-based design to create visionary healthcare environments. 

Barbara Harriman, IIDA, EDAC 
President/Creative Director
Distinctive Art Source 
Center for Health Design Launches New Behavioral and Mental Health Toolbox

DAS is proud to be an affiliate of The Center for Health Design and for the opportunity to work together to advocate for the advancement of healthcare art programs. To help this cause, CHD has just released a new portion of an online Topic Toolbox titled "Behavioral & Mental Health." Comprised of new, staff-curated content, this toolbox is designed to create a multi-faceted resource for healthcare organizations, emergency departments, suppliers and more. Through a partnership with architecture+, Stance Healthcare and Whitehall Manufacturing, CHD announced all the materials published in this toolbox are accessible for free until March 2019.

The release of the "Behavioral & Mental Health" toolbox comes at a much-needed time; as behavioral and mental health (BMH) conditions affect one in five adults in the U.S. annually, (Center for Health Design). This toolbox seeks to combat these pathways to psychological harm associated with care. By implementing design interventions that improve cognitive wellbeing, healthcare providers can cost-effectively help abate BMH comorbidities.

Visit the CHD website to learn more about this new online mental health resource.

Free White Paper: Four Steps to Creating a Cohesive Visual Experience with Integrated Healthcare Art

Imagine a hospital experience in which art, architecture, design and wayfinding are so well integrated that it is difficult to tell where one discipline ends and other starts. A facility in which artwork is so much more than just pictures on the walls. An environment in which art serves as a positive distraction. Where art supports design directives and helps identify the patient population of a particular floor. Art brings the outdoors inside. It encourages participation. And builds relationships. That is what it feels like when cohesive visual experiences are created through integrated healthcare art. 

At Distinctive Art Source, our clients and colleagues recognize the value of an integrated visual experience. They understand the importance of collaboration and multi-disciplinary representation in the process - because they know the result is an extraordinary experience for patients and visitors. While each project we work on is unique, there are a few common threads Distinctive Art Source has identified in creating thoughtful and effective healthcare art programs. This white paper examines four steps we use to creative cohesive visual experiences.  

Download the white paper here: Four Steps to Creating a Cohesive Visual Experience with Integrated Healthcare Art

Creating a Cohesive Visual Experience is a Team Effort

Today's hospital executives are aware of the benefits of a cohesive visual experience that offers value not only for patients and visitors but also for the community itself. And because we work 100% in healthcare, Distinctive Art Source has been able to partner with some of the most forward thinking healthcare professionals and highly respected architecture and design firms in the industry to deliver innovative art programs that contribute to positive patient experiences and leave a lasting impression on the community.

Along the way in creating a cohesive visual art program that is beneficial for the entire community, Distinctive Art Source explores local talent, builds on new relationships and helps hospitals conceptualize, visualize, and realize the goals of their program.
Just how do we do it? Learn more by watching our new video here.

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About Distinctive Art Source
Distinctive Art Source is a turnkey art consultancy working exclusively in healthcare with a foundation in evidence- and patient-based design. We believe thoughtfully developed art programs contribute to an integrated visual
experience and foster mutually-beneficial community relationships. Our national artist database connects clients with unlimited art sources throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.
Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating evidence- and patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. We are honored to work closely with some of the nation's most renowned healthcare architects, designers and artists, blending seamlessly into existing architectural processes to keep projects on time and within budget.

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