How to Make a Wish Come True
Jamie Gave Je'Rya the Gift of Love
When Je'Rya's Big Sister Jami moved to West Chester, program staff expected they would need to close the match. Je'Rya was sad and  wished quietly to herself  that she wouldn't lose the Big Sister that visited her during school lunches to talk about her day and provide encouragement. 

Meanwhile, Jami reached out to their Match Support Specialist and insisted that they stay together; she planned to visit her family in the area and committed to visiting Je'Rya at least once a month.  Je'Rya was overjoyed when she heard and  Jami kept her promise!
Jami continued to mentor Je'Rya while living in West Chester, providing guidance and friendship. Now, Jami has moved back to the area and Je'Rya and Jami are having a sensational holiday season together.  Je'Rya attended Jami's recent wedding and gave her Big Sister a congratulatory hug!


As always, Jami's family invited Je'Rya for their holiday tradition (making fudge) and the two are looking forward to the New Year.  Jami gave Je'Rya the gift of love when she promised to continue mentoring her Little Sister. 

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