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Hello you!

Yep - you caught us fair and square guv'nor - we didn't send an August newsletter, because we were too busy doing everyone else's recruitment marketing and researching Google Jobs.

Perhaps it was the poor weather but August didn't slow down for us at all - unlike previous years - so we hope your company's month was similarly productive.

September's newsletter is our usual mix of tenuous links, such as:

Aside from that fluff, eagle eyed readers will notice a new social icon in the header - we now have our very own Instagram account! If your company doesn't have one, we highly recommend it and of course can help you build and manage it. We had inbound requests within weeks thanks to our updates - which mainly focused on our usual failsafe staple recruitment topics such as Ferraris, pizza and trousers.

As you might know, the first person to guess the film quote in the subject each month gets a packet of Pink Wafers AND Party Rings. Last month was a rollover so we threw jammy dodgers into the mix.

Congratulations to Alexandre Torki who was hot on the button, correctly guessing Batman: The Dark Knight. You can witness him enjoying his prize by clicking here.

That's it, sorry* it was late, hope you've had a great September!

Lots of love, 

Chelsea and Jantima and Olivia and Raquel and Rhiannon and Sabina and Shena and Dave and Eduard and The Mighty Pegler and Phil and Rik and Rob and Ryan and Tom.

* We're not really.
GDPR for Recruitment Firms - what you need to know NOW!
The latest craze to scare recruiters, but what actually is it?

If you don't know what it is, you can swot up and feign knowledge by reading this handy 17 point cheat sheet!

Recruitment databases - which is best?
... and other MMA naval gazing

New starters, the great debate and a new social platform? It's all changing for us at MMA. Of course, you're all interested, right?

P.S. Aren't we cute?

The great debate: dishwasher or tumble dryer
It’s the great debate sweeping the nation, and it’s finally hit Nuneham Courtenay

Just like the blue / gold dress situation, it’s divided us right down the line, with both sides provoking impassioned defences (and attacks).

Enrikas Kvietinskas (aka Rik) joins MMA!
Don't let his baby face fool you...he knows what he's doing

He's Lithuanian born, English bred, a computer whizz and he's here to do amazing things with websites. All hail Rik!

Best Advert of the Month 
Rowntree's Smile factory

It's fun, weird and and doesn't make sense. We love it! It makes us want to jump up and down on the spot.

Worst Advert of the Month
The Great British Bake Off

Creepy talking pastries, no more Mary Berry and to top it off, Mel and Sue have done a runner! It's our yeast favourite ad, need we say more..

July Contender
Catch up with last month's Contender right here. You know you want to. 

In this issue we introduced you to our new starters Phil and Rhi, we also brought to you a case study on our email marketing and looked at the best and worst ads of the month! 

June Contender
Missed our last newsletter? Fear not, you still have time. 

Three was most definitely the magic number in June, where we talked about databases, apps and lots of alcohol. 

May Contender
The awkward second album, we pulled it off with our usual mix of amazingness and humility.

May saw the second issue of Contender, where we discussed newsletters, elections and parties.

April Contender
The one that started it all off, rarer than a Batman number 5.

April brought the first issue of  Contender . In this issue we introduced the team, shared a copywriting case study and addressed the importance of content.