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Bienvenue* to  Contender,  the monthly newsletter from  Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA)  covering all things recruitment marketing (very very loosely). 

October's edition includes some tip top social media marketing guides and thought leadership, as well the latest addition to our team (nous sommes dix maintenant**) and our favourite and least favourite (surely there should be a word for this) adverts of the month.

Each month, the email subject of  Contender  is a quote from a famous film, and last month was obviously Jack Nicholson’s opening words of  The Departed . So obvious in fact that no-one got it. Which means that this month is a rollover with four packets of pink wafers and party rings up for grabs! As always, the first person to reply with the correct answer scoops the lot. 

All of which means it’s time to say à bientôt. 

If in the meantime your organisation requires educated, informed and impartial marketing advice, do of course get in touch by emailing .

Lots of love, 

All the  team  at MMA 


P.S. What's the best thing about Switzerland? Theres no clear winner, but their flag is a huge plus.

* we went to  France. We’re basically fluent now, clearly. 
** see above
What Does Good Recruitment Social Media Marketing Look Like?
Get the most out of your social media marketing.

In this article, we guide you through the best practices in social media marketing for recruitment companies.

Facebook: How Recent Privacy Changes Affect Your Updates
We explored what Facebook's privacy changes means for recruitment marketing.

Facebook have recently made some changes about content editing in a bid to fight fake news. Make sure you're ahead of the curve by preparing your site.

Grammar Corner: Passive Sentences
Sabina shows you how good grammar can help you remain calm and collected in tricky affairs.

Inevitably, things sometimes go south. Sabina recently wrote an article that shows you how something as simple as your passive voice can change circumstances for the better.

Jantima Merola joins MMA
The latest addition to the Comms Team goes by the name of J-Dawg.

Yes, you guessed it, another new starter. MMA is growing at lightning speed and so is our clientele. Therefore, another member of the squad is necessary.

She is little, cute and everything you could wish for from a Content Manager.

Best Advert of the Month 
My face. My rules. Sleek rules!!

Hats off to the marketing team at Sleek MakeUP for creating an advert that is the epitome of diversity.

We are absolutely loving it, as are the thousands of people that have watched the advert.

Worst Advert of the Month
VIPoo.. the name says it all.

We dislike this advert just as much as we dislike its title. If you asked us to describe it in one word, our adjective of choice would already be in the name.

September Contender
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June Contender
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April Contender
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