Successful early readers are our future high school graduates.


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The World is an Open Book   
By Emily Fisher
Reading for  fun is something that has become practically nonexistent over the last decade, but that really is no surprise... Read more  
Meet Our Community Executives

Ashley Cabrera and Nicole Echeto (pictured) are out in the community working on behalf of United Way.
Our thanks to NV Energy  and Wells Fargo for their generous sponsorship of Ashley's and Nicole's work.
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Dear (Contact First Name),
"I am not just a crazy book-obsessed girl that believes reading can solve all of life's problems, because both United Way and other organizations say that it actually can."  -- Emily Fisher
Take a look at Emily Fisher's insightful piece (at left) -- sharing her thoughts about early reading and future success.
Volunteers provide kits for kids
Volunteers from area companies banded together to assemble 'Winter Break Kits' on December 1. The kits were delivered to classrooms for children to use over the break.  Many thanks again to employees from FedEx, Scheels, JC Penney Logistics, Costco, Reno Sparks Indian Colony, Ricoh, Daimler, Lowes, Umpqua Bank, Keefe Supply, Target and Eaton Industries.
Thank you notes were received from children at Stead Elementary School (right).

Did you know?
Research shows that children who read 
during long breaks from school gain reading skills, while those  who do not often 'slide' backward.  More >>
Can volunteering help you with your job search?
Volunteering improves the likelihood of success for job seekers across all demographic categories - such as age, race, and gender -- geographic areas, and marketing conditions.  In a competitive job market, volunteering can help job seekers be the  one employers notice. Read more
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