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January 2017 - In This Issue:
President's Message
James Martin
Dear Members:
Happy New Year!

There's a sudden burst if optimism in the business world if you have not yet noticed.  If you are paying attention, the most telling indicator of this optimism is our own ISM-New York Report on Business.  As a participant myself, I am always interested in seeing how my views are incorporated into the overall survey and the December 2016 results were impressive.  The index is showing a positive long term outlook for business conditions in 2017.  That can be good news and bad news.

First, the good news.  With the incoming  president and administration, there exists a belief in a more business-friendly environment on the horizon.  How that translates at your organization and its plans for the future remain to be seen but my hope is for more opportunities to engage with ISM-New York.  That would include our professional development seminars and our annual conference in March.  A better business outlook usually translates into more funds for continuing education and our organization is one of the few which provides offerings geared toward our work needs and are very affordable.

There is bad news because there is always bad news in this kind of optimistic scenario.  What is the optimism was overstated and business conditions don't improve or worsen?  The reaction could lead to a downturn and that can be quite stressful to manage.  It also presents an opportunity for skilled supply chain professionals to demonstrate how we add value and what impact we can have on protecting company assets and profitability while mitigating risk.  

2017 will be a year filled with hope and optimism and I am excited to serve as your  president for the next six months. 
Jim Martin
President, ISM - New York 
Vice President, Enterprise Spend Management - IT Sourcing and Contracts 
Financial Operations of the Americas / FMA
Upcoming Professional Development & Certification Review

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ISM-New York is in need of volunteers to assist as photographers, social media gurus and support at meetings and events to name just a few categories.

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January Member Meeting & Live Webinar & Q&A                            "Next Generation Supplier Management" with presenter Kristian O'Meara,  SVP Value  Engineering, Bravo Solution
on Tuesday, January 24th at 12:30 P.M. EST 

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ISM-New York - February Member Evening Meeting
The Report on Business Panel Presentation with Kelly Barner, Jonathan Basile in partnership with New York University
Date: to be announced.
Space Host: New York University 

2017 ISM-New York Annual Conference
Procurement Risk Management - Balancing Change &  Innovation
Thursday, March 16th, 2017

2017 Supplier Diversity EXPO & Member Meeting
Thursday, April 27th, 2017
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Save this date! The Supplier Diversity EXPO Member Meeting Planning Committee will hold its January Breakfast Meeting on January 24th.  Meeting Host: PrideGlobal.  

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Director of Membership
Lucia Pang
  Dear ISM-NY members,

Welcoming and looking forward to 2017! 
Part of ISM NY's goals for 2017 is to increase our  membership enrollment .  You can help us achieve this goal by inviting industry colleagues to our  Annual Conference Membership Meetings , or  Professional Development Seminars .  You,  colleagues, and friends can become involved in and collaborate on various projects through our  Committee Meetings .  

Enjoyable after-hours events are constantly planned at various locations in Manhattan throughout the year, where supply chain veterans and rising stars can be met.  These professionals work right here in New York City, the same amazing city as you.

Many individuals begin learning about our non-profit
professional organization by attending our
social network events or getting involved in our various committees.  Realizing the value that ISM NY offers, these individuals have not only became ISM NY members, but also attend  CPSM and CPSD Exam Review Classes  to become certified procurement professionals.      

Our President James E. Martin, enjoys to share his personal journey with ISM NY and invites you to become a member and explore many professional trainings organized by our Director of Professional Development, Jill Zunshine, CPSM. Along with premier seminars and training, our Executive Director Julienne Ryan has established an ISM-New York  Meetup , the online social network for supply chain professionals. Please give it  a try!
It is a new year and a new beginning.  Join us in kicking off 2017  on Thursday, January 26, 2017 (5:00 PM to 8:00 PM) at  Brazen Fox .  We hope to meet you at our next social event.

As always, thank you for being a part of our ISM NY family.  
Best Regards,
Lucia Pang 


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