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Dear Madam / Sir,

By the skin of our teeth, welcome to the July newsletter from Magdalen Marketing Agency - perhaps better known as MMA.

Exactly no-one has asked us where July's newsletter is / was, but the truth of the matter is that we've been too busy, and like the best builders, the first house to fall into disrepair is our own. 

To remedy matters, we've hired three new people, two of whom you can find out more about below if you're super bored. We've also got a new sign outside our office (which you can see above) in the hope that someone important breaks down outside and we swap our alarmingly small car repair knowledge for ongoing marketing support. 

For the uninitiated, the subject of each newsletter is a famous film quote, and the winner each month gets a packet of pink wafers AND party rings. Last month's quote, which you can see below, was obviously from Donnie Darko. So obvious in fact, that no one got it. Which means that this month is a double rollover!!! Rather than two of each, we're gonna add two more packets into the mix. If you have any suggestions for your favourite classic biscuits that junior millennials are unaware of, do please share your thoughts. 

The millennials thing has been a hot topic of contention in the office this month. We've been writing one of 12 thought leadership articles for a client and according to one (American) report, a millennial is anyone up the age of 37 as of 2017. This therefore means that MMA Founder Thomas Bridge scrapes in, and has insisted on repeatedly referred to himself as a senior millennial since. Of course, every single other report disagrees with this age bracket, as it's something to do with remembering life pre-internet apparently. 

It's office song of the month time, and this month we've got one which joins together both ends of our office millennial spectrum:

We hope you had a great July, whatever type of millennial you are. 

Lots of love, 

All the team at MMA 

PS. What do you call two Spanish men playing basketball? Juan on Juan. 
Case study: 10to8
How a new email marketing campaign from MMA changed one company’s entire marketing strategy

If you have a problem. If no one else can help. And if you can find them. Maybe you can hire. The MMA-Team. Or you can just call us obviously. 

Phil Nyatanga joins MMA
It's two thumbs up from Phil on his first day - enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts buddy!

Find out why Phil's dad named him after Phil. Clue: Phil's brother is called Collins. 

Rhiannon Davies joins MMA
Camera-shy Rhiannon has no time for being papped - monthly reports don't write themselves!

Rhiannon has a great sporting background and has competed in National swimming and Biathlon events back in her glory sporting days!

Worst Advert of the Month 
AA, Singing Baby

So many things wrong with this advert, so little time.

Best Advert of the Month 
Ribena, can't get more Ribenary

How this ever got past the planning stage is beyond us, and for that we love it.

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Three was most definitely the magic number in June, where we talked about databases, apps and lots of alcohol. 

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