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Incarnation by Choice, or by Energy Filtering
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Nothing in this universe is by chance.  All that is taking place throughout the vastness of Universal Presence is interconnected in the most precise way to every soul on the physical earth plane.  The life that everyone is leading is intertwined with this vast Universal Process, Consciousness that is God.

Incarnating of souls into various planes, dimensions, or physically perceived planets is part of the Universal Process, for the smallest particles of existence are as important to the functioning of Universal Life as is the Whole of Universal Life itself.

Again, nothing is by chance.  The dimension/planet that a soul incarnates on, the parent souls that the soul physically incarnates through --- all are by Divine Design.  All souls incarnate precisely where they are supposed to --- through the vehicles of the physical parent souls that they are supposed to --- whether seemingly to the advantage or disadvantage of the incarnating soul.

The process for the vast majority of incarnating souls is automatic; that is, they do not have a say in the choice of parents or environment they incarnate through and into.  All is based on the energy frequencies of what stage of awareness to the Whole or God and the Will of the Universe that a soul is in. 

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