Penn State Green Teams recently celebrated their success over the last year at their annual June luncheon.  Professor Richard Alley, an award-winning climate scientist, was the keynote speaker for the event and provided motivational support for the work the Green Teams had already completed. 

"What is it that makes Penn State a little special? I think that it's people who are committed to doing the right things," Alley said to the Green Team members at the luncheon.

"They may not have their names on the back of their shirts, but they are doing it anyway. And if you leave with nothing else today, it's that the commitment to doing the right thing has been here for a very long time and it is alive in this room."

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As part of Penn State Berks' ongoing sustainability efforts, student, faculty and staff joined forces to reduce paper usage during the 2015-16 academic year. The student body participated in the University's Print Allocation Program with goals of reducing paper waste and its negative impact on the environment.  Starting last fall, each student received an allocation of 250 pages per semester for printing. During the 2015-16 year, 75 percent of Berks students used fewer than 250 pages each semester. All these efforts led to a 44 percent decrease in student printing and a 10 percent decrease in faculty and staff printing and copying for the 2015-16 academic year.

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A Toronto-based coffee company claims to have created the world's first 100% compostable coffee pod.  Club Coffee's  PurPod100  is certified by the  Biodegradable Products Institute  (BPI) in New York, and is compatible with most Keurig-style brewing systems, including Keurig 2.0. "Club Coffee is the first manufacturer to earn BPI certification for single-serve pods," said BPI Executive Director Rhodes Yepsen.

Wondering how to write your YOU@PSU goals and simultaneously pursue your passion for sustainability? These one-hour workshops will show you how by explaining ways to incorporate sustainability-related goals into your YOU@PSU performance planning and competencies. Sustainability should align with the goals of individual units and the University and support one of the University's foundational values and strategic priorities, as stated in the recently approved Strategic Plan. In our sessions, we will use examples from a variety of colleges, units and Commonwealth Campuses. With the Performance Management goal setting scheduled through August 31, this workshop will make the goal-creation process easy and quick.
Student Affairs Green Team Green Bowl Challenge  

Join in our next Student Affairs  Green  Team  Green B owl challenge! Snap a picture that demonstrates you or your department's  Green  efforts and share at #greenbowlchallenge on Facebook (@UnionandStudentActivities), Twitter (@psu_usa) or Instagram (@psu_usa).  In addition, you must also send it to  to formally register for the challenge! Any questions, please contact  Mary Edgington.

Fun is everywhere if you know where to look. Don't stock up at the store - create toys for the pool, beach, or yard with normal household recyclables! From DIY dive toys to a pool toss game, here are some ways you can reuse household items and keep your kids busy all summer long!
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