GT Luncheon June 14th - Register by June 10th  
Please join us for lunch Tuesday, June 14th in the HUB's Heritage Hall from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Did you know that we now have 116 Green Teams at Penn State and over 200 offices participating in the Green Paws Program? Come to the lunch to celebrate these accomplishments and learn how to integrate your Green Team efforts into your YOU@PSU Performance Management and hear about events and resources that will help your Green Team in the new fiscal year.

Lunch will be provided. 

Deadline to enroll is Friday, June 10th at noon.

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Let's Powerdown on June 23rd
For the past nine years, Penn State has shown its prowess in reducing electricity for our utility's annual test. Last year, we reduced our use by 10MW, or about 31 percent. This test demonstrates our institution's capability of electricity reduction if there is a high risk of a brownout.

We have a chance on Thursday, June 23rdt, between 4-5 beat our record. All that is needed is for our faculty, staff and students to turn off all unnecessary electrical consumption under individual control such as shutting off unnecessary lights, coffee pots, air conditioners, printers during that hour.  Green Teams can make this effort fun, as several teams have done in the past.  Turn on the creativity to turn off the stuff. 

Penn State Brandywine is helping their students, faculty and staff broaden their understanding of sustainability concepts  through their work with the Green Paws Program, the Campus' Pollinator Certification, and Sustainable Garden initiatives.

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Edible Six-Pack Rings Feed, Rather than Strangle, Wildlife

Saltwater Brewery  has partnered with the ad agency  We Believers  to create what they say is  the first fully edible beer can packaging. Made from byproducts of the brewing process such as wheat and barley, their six-pack holders are fully biodegradable and completely digestible.
Rather than ensnaring curious animals in a corset of litter, the company's six-pack rings could serve as a satisfying snack. And if nothing is biting, the rings quickly decompose.

Thanks to the efforts of Liberal Arts Green Team and Sean  McCurry , a programmer in that college, the Möbius Sorting Game is an easy and fun way to perfect your waste sorting skills. Sean has revised the game to reflect recent changes in recycling program. For example, polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) and straws now should be placed in the landfill bin. This is a fun tool that anyone can use, in the convenience of home or office  , to learn how to sort your waste. 
At a congressional briefing, top executives from Ben & Jerry's, Clif Bar,  Kellogg Company, Mars
Incorporated, PepsiCo,Stonyfield and Unilever discussed how climate  change is disrupting global food supplies and their own supply chains. They  called on lawmakers to acknowle dge the ways in which rising temperature s  are impacting their businesses and to  act swiftly to reach bipartisan solutions to tackle this threat.
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