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May 15, 2012

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We do not live in an ideal world - especially politically.  In order to win elections as conservatives, we have to "get real". 


As much as we may despise the concept, identity politics is a prime factor in determining the victors of elections.  Conservatives must be smart when it comes to playing the same game until the factor of identity politics disappears from the political environment (if ever).


We have such a situation in Texas House District 149 where STAMPEDE!Texas 2012 candidate, Jack Lee, is on the ballot for the nomination to face Democrat Rep. Hubert Vo.


Hubert Vo is an Asian-American.  Jack Lee is a conservative Asian-American.  District 149's demographics is dominated by Asian-Americans.  Isn't it obvious that the smart thing to do is elect conservative Jack Lee in the primary?


A Lee versus Vo general election neutralizes the race factor and allows Lee to cut through the identity politics and focus on the issues and the liberal Vo's pathetic record.  Followers of RagingElephants.org already have the knowledge through our polling operations that the communities of color are overwhelmingly conservative.  Thus, Lee will have the opportunity to present conservative solutions to that community and allow the voters to discover that it's the Republican candidate that lines up with their values that compelled the first generation-ers to immigrate to America in the first place.


 The smart vote is for Jack Lee.  Then let's move forward and defeat the liberal Democrat Hubert Vo on November 6. 



Candidate Jack Lee
STAMPEDE!Texas 2012 candidate Jack Lee (HD149) -- Click Jack's picture to visit his website.

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