Levels of Consciousness
YPL Posting - Virgo Edition
It seems odd that I would learn to measure a person's consciousness level in the jungles of Peru, but you never know when or where you'll find something life-changing.
First, I need to give you some context on what I'm writing about.
The modality in which I began my healing work is Past Life Regression, a practice I learned before there were any of the popular writings about it.
At the time, I was neutral as to the reality of reincarnation.  I did, however, believe Regression was a valid form of therapy because, in the course of less than a few hours, people would provide information it might, normally, take months of conventional therapy to divulge.
My, then, day job allowed me constant travel to more than a dozen major U.S. cities and, after a few years of working with clients, friends and relatives, as well as random individuals, plus hearing some lives being related that were historically verifiable, I, finally, concluded a billion Hindus, Buddhists, Christian mystics and Jewish mystics couldn't be wrong...reincarnation is real.
In the course of a session, I would, usually, lead subjects through 3 to 4 past lives and was finding, for the most part, that there was a process of moving from what I would term "ego" lives to those in which there was more empathy for others as a person's soul evolved.   To what end, you might ask?  Well, that is the question. 
The Taoists speak of life's process as finding one's way "home." The German poet Novalis, who greatly influenced Romantic thought, echoed that sentiment, speaking of his life process as going home "to my Father's house."
To me, this implies opening one's mind to connection to Source, to having the realization we, who've come into this world as blank slates, have a purpose or destiny to discover.
So, with "consciousness" being the state or quality of wakefulness or awareness of one's ability to experience or to feel and to have a sense of selfhood, it is reasonable to assume that, just like one's Credit Score, one's consciousness level might be quantified.
Knowing a person's consciousness "score" gives me a sense of where they are on their life's path and how to speak and work with them in a way that will be most helpful.
I must admit, however, that being human...okay, nosey..., I've looked at some notable figures to see where they are at.
So you'll understand...on a scale of Zero to 1,000, a score of 200 or more shows ascendance, whereas a score of less shows, at best, a totally ego-driven mind, or, at worst, a dark soul. 
To give you a further perspective, most of my clientele and friends fall into the 300-400 range, with only a few over 400, fewer still over 500 and but three people I know in the 600-700 range.
As for some notables, the current President has a score of 340, while his wife has a score of 440.
A particular presidential candidate has a score of 330 and, interestingly, her former opponent in the primaries has the identical score.
On the other team, the candidate has a score of 175 and his Russian "friend" has a score of only 170, which gives me an indication of why they might be compatible.  (FYI, the combined score of this candidate's two recent picks to head his election team is even less than the candidate's own score, as well as the even lower score of the man they replaced.  Wow!  A dream team or a nightmare?) 
Kudos must go, however, to the voters in that person's party for, at least, realizing one of his former opponents might be of even lesser consciousness, scoring at what I might consider a frightfully low level of only 50.  That's 30 points lower than even the former VP with the mechanical heart, who took our Country into Iraq.
These figures may give you a new perspective on the undercurrent driving the U.S. presidential election, as well as on those who might, more aptly, be termed "devils." 
Is it important to know your consciousness score?  Perhaps.  As long as you realize it's not a horse race. 
Should you try to raise your score?  Only if you're ready.  Only if you want to find your way home.  

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