February 2017 E-Newsletter
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"Likin' people I don't even like"
From the Director

One of my co-workers was talking about the transformation that she has undergone while working at The Gubbio Project. She shared how it had really opened her heart and given her compassion for our guests. She shook her head, bewildered at the idea, and mused "this place has got me likin' people I don't even like!" Amen to that.
Gubbio offers sanctuary (refuge) in sanctuaries (holy spaces or churches) in a self-proclaimed 'sanctuary city' (where police are prohibited from enforcing immigration law). A s anctuary inside of a sanctuary inside of a sanctuary. Will this triple protection be enough to keep people safe? How can we make each of these sanctuaries fully live up to their name? so that we may have: A refuge that feels safe and welcoming, in a place that is beautiful, calm and sacred, in a city that is strong in its allyship and defense of those who are vulnerable.
Humbling guest interaction of the week: After Friday morning breakfast, I asked a 70 year old guest who uses a walker and regularly sleeps on our pews how he was doing. "OK," he told me.  "Sometimes that is all that we can ask," I replied sagely. "That is all that I need," was his even more sage response.

"And how was breakfast?" "Oh, that was just what I needed. I hadn't eaten in a couple of days, so now I am feeling content." What?! Is what my expression conveyed. "I don't eat every day. I can't get around so easily and there are no bathrooms available and I don't want to embarrass myself." In this rich city, it is not you, brother, who should feel embarrassed; it is not you.

In the Rain You Walk
by Lisa Roncella, Hospitality Monitor at The Gubbio Project
In the rain you walk
pulling your world behind you
        with your dog beside you
                    I see you
for in you, I see me.
You stand in line at St. Anthony's
reminding me when I stood in that line too.

I pass you as I walk to Bart,
you thrust a crack pipe in my face
I see the heroin fix at the bus stop
Remembering the Methadone clinic at BART Geary
And my time in residence at Next Door

You think because I don't look like you
I am not like you, but I am.
for in you, I see me.

The Tenderloin
the Containment Zone,
clothed in poverty and addiction,
where we wear our pain and oppression
like the mark of Cain.

Somehow we think we belong here
the different, the outcasts, the addicted.

We walk the Zone to escape
the hotels of another era
that have become our prisons.

I see you
for in you I see me
a painful reflection
        helping to remind me to reach out beyond myself
                    with kindness, a smile and a bit of hope

Upcoming Events

Opera On Tap: A Fundraiser for The Gubbio Project
Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th | 8 PM
St. John the Evangelist - 1661 15th Street
$25 - Tickets available on Eventbrite

Speak On It! 
The director of the city's Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing will be coming to the Coalition on Homelessness to discuss encampments & shelters. Come share your experience.
Tuesday, March 7th | Prep @ Noon | Meeting @ 1 PM
Coalition on Homelessness - 468 Turk Street

Project Homeless Connect 67
Wednesday, March 22nd | 10 AM - 3 PM
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

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