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February 2017
The Vagina Monologues
The Vagina Monologues is an award-winning play based on V-Day Founder, playwright, performer and activist Eve Ensler's interviews with more than 200 women. With humor and grace the piece celebrates women's sexuality and strength. Through the play, and the liberation of this one word, countless women throughout the world have taken control of their bodies and their lives. For more than 20 years, The Vagina Monologues has given voice to experiences and feelings not previously exposed in public. The play aims to raise awareness and funds for anti-violence groups within the community - proceeds from the Iowa State production will be donated to the   Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support (ACCESS)  and the V-Day spotlight campaign.

"Galentine's Day: It's only the best day of the year!" - Leslie Knope by Som Mongtin

Move over Halloween, I have a new favorite holiday: Galentine's Day! Galetine's Day is a holiday that was introduced in the television series Parks and Recreation by Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope. It is celebrated on February 13 with your best friends (who are, after all, your true soulmates), the day before Valentine's Day. There are many ways to celebrate Galentine's Day; as long as you're having fun with your pals, validating one another, and being reminded that you're appreciated. Oh, and having the most amazing day ever! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate:

* Exchange Galentine's Day cards
* Have a dance party
* Engage in great conversation over waffles or brunch
* Take lots of selfies!
* Discover a new spot around town
* Share fond memories
* Create a vision board of what you envision for your friendships in 2017
* Watch your favorite movie or show
* Play games
* Write quotes of affirmation that you can refer to throughout the year

Whatever you do, remember to have fun! Happy Galentine's Day!

Gender and Sexuality Equity Awards

Each year, the Margaret Sloss Women's Center and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Services present individuals with awards and scholarships during the Gender & Sexuality Equity Awards Reception. Awards recognize individuals and groups that have advanced gender and sexuality equity for women, LGBTQIA+ people, and other gender and sexual minorities via leadership, campus involvement, and/or leadership of women, LGBTQIA+ students, adult and non-traditional students, and single parents. The following scholarships and awards are available for   NOMINATIONS and SUBMISSIONS.


Our Love-Hate Relationship with
 The Vagnia Monologues
By Kate D. Gallagher and Dominique Gant
With performances of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues happening globally this month to raise awareness and money for women facing interpersonal violence (as well as the marches on January 21) there is a lot of rallying around vulvas, vaginas, ovaries and uteri as paramount symbols of womanhood. A lot of violence and oppression (as well as joy and pleasure) involve these body parts, and they should be celebrated for their power and resilience. However not all women have vaginas, and not all people with vaginas are women and making any such equivalence between the two is inherently transphobic and transmisogynistic (as well as being exclusive of any other women who may not possess these parts). Poet Chrysanthemum Tran reminds us that "If women are 'more than their bodies' then womanhood cannot be summed up by the body." The Vagina Monologues certainly takes up this reductionist point of view. This is just one of many critiques that have been made, and I implore you to go find the other shortcomings of this 21-year-old production.

That being said, there are parts of The Vagina Monologues that do good work. Entities participating in TVM are required to donate 90% of all proceeds to a local organization that works towards ending violence against women. We donate to the Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS), and last year we raised $5,266.19 for them. ACCESS provides counseling, shelter, advocacy, crisis response, and education for those experiencing any form of interpersonal violence. The other 10% is donated to a global campaign, which this year is Violence Against Women in the Workplace.

The Vagina Monologues is far from perfect and is definitely not above critique. However, our community has come to depend on it as a source of support and until we can find a better mode of sustenance Ensler's piece will be sticking around.
The Super Bowl and Human Trafficking
by Nick Stanford & Alex Young  
It is estimated that there are more than 20 million women and children (as well as men and trans individuals) globally who are victims of human trafficking. The International Labor Organization reports 99 billion US dollars are made annually off of the practice. Many in contemporary America do not see this as a domestic problem, when in reality thousands of cases are reported annually according data released by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the Superbowl is often looked at the single largest human trafficking incidents in the country. Victims are are transported into the city for the purpose of having sex with the thousands of incoming fans. It was reported by the Florida Commission Against Human Trafficking that during the 2009 Super Bowl "tens of thousands of women and minors" were trafficked in the Miami area.

The sad reality of this issue is that victims often silenced by fear which means it can be difficult to get victims the help they need. That silence is why it is important to recognize the signs of human trafficking victims. The Polaris Project provides some key red flags on their website to look for when it comes to spotting victims. Individuals can report suspected trafficking by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Or text HELP to: BeFree (233733).
Staff Spotlight:  Alex Young
Alex is a practicum student with the Margret Sloss Women's Center. Here he works primarily with men and masculinities programming. Outside his role with the Women's Center Alex works as the Leadership and Programming Assistant in the Iowa State Veterans Center and sits on the Board of Directors for the Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity Alumni Association.

Alex graduated from Iowa State in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Event Management and is currently working towards a Master of Education in Higher Education Student Affairs. He is passionate about leadership, student engagement, queer identities, and masculinities.

Alex loves to get things done and being a resource for students when it comes to gender, sexuality, and masculinity and has been known to facilitate workshops and guest lecture on campus on the topic of masculinity. When he isn't working, you can often find him enjoying movies on his couch, cooking at home, or at the gym (if he can find the time).

Social Justice Summit
The Social Justice Summit, now in its sixteenth year, is an event designed for ISU students aimed at providing them with the opportunity to increase their awareness surrounding issues of inclusion and to develop action plans that will assist them in being agents of change on campus. Guided by the staff of the Student Activities Center, the Department of Residence, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, the Margaret Sloss Women's Center, and faculty from the Social Justice Certificate in the School of Education, this day-long workshop will give you the chance to learn more about yourself, engage in discussion with other students on a variety of issues, and create strategies for implementing social change! The 2017 Social Justice Summit will be held February 25. *Registration is free and open to ISU students.
The Gender Monologues
The Gender Monologues are monologues, poems, or short essays regarding gender oppression, identity, and privilege. Other intersecting identities may also be a focus, but the basis of the monologues should revolve around gender. The monologues will be shared on the Margaret Sloss Women's Center website and social media. 

Feminist Quote
"If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation." - Abigail AdamsThe Letters of John and Abigail Adams
In This Issue
Campus Events

Career Fair: Agricultural and Life Sciences Career Day

When: February 1, 10am-2pm

Where: Great Hall, Memorial Union

WhatMore than 100 companies are scheduled to attend


Career Fair: College of Engineering

When: February 712-6pm

Where: Hilton Coliseum and Scheman Building

What: More than 400 employers will be on campus looking for students and alumni to fill co-op, internship and full-time engineering positions. All ISU students and alumni are welcome to attend.


Career Fair: Business, Industry, and Technology Career Fair

WhenFebruary 812-6pm

Where: Hilton Coliseum 

WhatThe career fair enables students to explore career opportunities, obtain employer information, and locate internships, co-ops and full-time positions. Employers have the opportunity to connect with promising candidates for job and internship openings as well as network with university personnel and other employers. Organized and hosted by the Colleges of Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Human Sciences.


Career Fair: People to People Career Fair

When: February 812-6pm

Where: Scheman Building

WhatThe career fair offers employers and students a professional environment in which to connect and discuss internships and full-time employment opportunities in human/social services; health/wellness; government; and hospitality. There also will be an opportunity for students to meet with representatives from professional health and law schools.


Workshop: "Gettings Started in Iowa Politics"

WhenFebruary 17, 9am-12pm

Where: Pioneer Room, Memorial Union

Cost: $20

WhatReady to Run Iowa is a non-partisan campaign training program to encourage women to run for elective office, position themselves for appointive office, work on a campaign or become involved in public life as leaders in their respective communities. Fee includes workshop materials, a parking pass and light refreshments. Registration is required.


Workshop: "Launching Your Campaign"

WhenFebruary 172-5pm

Where: Pioneer Room, Memorial Union

Cost: $20

WhatReady to Run Iowa is a non-partisan campaign training program to encourage women to run for elective office, position themselves for appointive office, work on a campaign or become involved in public life as leaders in their respective communities. Fee includes workshop materials, a parking pass and light refreshments. Registration is required.


Lecture: In the Shadow of Charleston - Reflections on Race, Racism and Racial Violence

WhenFebruary 20, 7pm

Where: Great Hall, Memorial Union

WhatKeisha Blain is co-editor of "The Charleston Syllabus: Readings on Race, Racism and Racial Violence," a newly published overview of race relations, racial violence, and civil rights activism in the United States and other parts of the world. Blain is a visiting research scholar in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and is on the faculty at the University of Iowa, where she teaches in the Department of History. The Charleston Syllabus was designed to provide both historical and contemporary contexts for the 2015 shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine people.